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Discover our nursery in the City of London
Explore our nursery in Westminster
Explore our nursery in Canada Water

Canada Water Nursery

Our nursery near Canary Wharf is on the bank of the Thames and has its own on-site nature reserve for forest school. Decked out with custom furnishings, it's the perfect maritime focus for our preschoolers, celebrating our rich maritime heritage and exploring the vibrant wharf culture of the east-end docks. Come join us for a blend of education and adventure!

The nursery for nature-lovers

Our Canada Water nursery and preschool isn't your average spot —it's nestled in a former dry dock and museum right on the banks of the mighty river Thames. Picture this: expansive playgrounds, our very own on-site nature reserve, and the cherry on top —direct access to our forest school adventures. Yes, we are talking bugs, beasties, and all things that grow, giving our children a front-row seat to Mother Nature's classroom.

We are not just about outdoor wonders; the school itself is turning heads. We are in the running for a design award for sustainability in schools (check out the architectural pack displaying Dodman Associates' magic here).  Step inside, and you'll find custom furnishings and a collection from Community Playthings, making our space both comfy and playful.

Oh, and did we mention the Clipper Ferry at Nelsons Dock? It's practically our neighbour, whisking you away to Canary Wharf in just 8 minutes, every 10 minutes. Perfect for families from Rotherhithe, Bermondsey, Canada Water, and Surrey Quays who call the Canary Wharf estate their workplace but still want their little ones to soak up the bilingual and multicultural magic we offer.

Book Your Visit Today

Please select from one of the below options to be redirected to the booking pages for our schools

Discover our nursery in the City of London
Explore our nursery in Westminster
Explore our nursery in Canada Water
Hatching Dragons Canada Water

Key Information

This is how our bilingual approach works ✨

We're all about making our little language learners feel like they're in a bilingual family. Each child gets a primary and a secondary key person who speaks the primary and secondary languages of instruction to the children at all times throughout the day. We mix things up, too! We rotate lead practice between these teachers in adult-led sessions so that children receive an equal split of exposure to structured educational activities in both languages.

Now, you're probably wondering if this works. Well, it's a bit like solving a puzzle. The child's personality, how much time you spend, how consistent you are, when you start the whole language adventure, and what you do at home with apps, games, songs, and media all come into play.  Bilinguals who benefit from any combination of languages at home indeed pick up the second language faster but it's not a given monolinguals can't or won't.

And hey, the proof is in the pudding - or in this case, the brain! There's evidence showing how what we're doing gives those little brains an awesome workout and helps them grow and develop.

The focus is always on your child 💖

We strongly believe in an educational approach that combines child-led exploration to nurture individual interests, autonomy, and agency, along with adult-led guidance to introduce new materials and build knowledge, understanding, and skills.

Our inspiration stems from embracing the richness of various pedagogical frameworks worldwide. We incorporate elements from Montessori and High Scope, delve into the principles of Reggio and Steiner, and explore approaches like Te Whariki and those rooted in East Asian philosophies. Recognizing that no single culture holds the exclusive key to education, we advocate for drawing upon the best practices from diverse educational traditions. By weaving together these influences, we craft a curriculum that strives to deliver the very best for every child. Education, after all, is a global tapestry, and we aim to thread together the most impactful strands for the benefit of all learners. 🌍

We have the best teachers 🍎

We're firm believers that diversity fuels dynamism and progress. This belief extends not only to education, where we draw on the world's best practices, but also to the composition of our teams. We understand that diverse groups of people bring forth the most innovative ideas and effective ways of working.

In our commitment to excellence, all our teachers not only hold some of the highest qualifications in early years teaching from renowned educational institutes worldwide but are also certified in Paediatric First Aid. We believe that a team with varied expertise and backgrounds enriches the learning environment and ensures the highest standards of care for our students.

Our yummy and healthy food 🍐

Our catering team has carefully crafted our approach to food and infant nutrition, aligning it with the guidelines provided by the British Nutritional Foundation. We specifically adhere to the Government's Eatwell Guide, ensuring the delivery of a healthy, balanced diet tailored to the needs of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

The well-being of your children is of utmost importance to us, and we take it seriously. To ensure their safety, we employ management systems that provide us with weekly reports on children's attendance, dietary requirements, and allergy needs. These reports are directly communicated to our in-house catering teams. Our chefs strictly follow the procedures outlined in the Safer Food Better Business guidance from the Food Standards Agency. This means you can trust that your children's nutrition is in the best hands possible. Your peace of mind matters to us!

This is what Ofsted says about us ✅

Check out our latest Ofsted report below and dive into the fantastic feedback we've received! The inspectors were genuinely impressed by the warm and nurturing environment we've cultivated for your little ones. They specifically highlighted our dedicated team, top-notch facilities, and engaging activities that make learning an absolute blast.

Fees, schedules and funding 🌝

We totally get it – life can be hectic, and flexibility is key. No stress, we're not into rigid full-time commitments. It's all about what works for you!

Whether you fancy a single morning or afternoon session or want to dive into the full experience with 5 full days, the choice is yours (depending on availability, of course). But here's the inside scoop: for the ultimate language adventure, we recommend aiming for at least 5 half days to watch your child's language skills blossom.

And guess what? We've got some exciting news—there are limited funded spots up for grabs!

Curious to learn more? Click below to book a call with our awesome team. They can help tailor things just for you! 

Our settling-in process and the first days in the nursery 👶

We have made the settling-in process a collaborative effort between parents and teachers, resulting in a calm and gradual approach that works wonders for helping children ease into nursery life.

Here's the scoop on our straightforward approach: we take it step by step. Mom or dad joins the nursery sessions with the baby for an initial 3-5 sessions, adjusting the duration based on the baby's comfort level. With each session, the time spent with the baby gradually decreases, allowing them to acclimate and build a closer bond with their designated key worker. It's all about creating a smooth transition that ensures both child and parent feel confident and comfortable.

Here are some extra resources for parents 🧐

It goes beyond the impact we have on the child; we also recognize the daily challenges faced by the most crucial figures in their lives—parents. Parenting is no easy feat, and it's only getting tougher, leading some to make the difficult choice of opting not to have children.

We believe this isn't right. Our goal is to be a service that empowers our working families to be the best parents they can be. We aim to support them in balancing the demands of both their careers and personal lives, providing the assistance needed to alleviate the challenges of parenting. Because we understand that, with the right support, parenting can be a fulfilling journey rather than a source of stress.

We want to hear from you

We are working towards creating an inclusive and trustworthy community for everyone, to facilitate understanding, cultural curiosity and appreciation. If you have any questions about our nurseries, get in touch and we will reply back within 48 hours.

Ask our management team

Curious about how we do things at Hatching Dragons for your little one? Let's chat! Whether you fancy a quick call or a virtual tour of our Pimlico nursery, we're here for you!


Cenn John

CEO & Founder


Kristina Preidyte

Area Manager


Lingwen Huang

Deputy Manager

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