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Childcare Discounts

Workplace Nursery Scheme

If you are looking for a great benefit to offer to your staff, have a look at the Workplace Nursery Scheme!  With this arrangement, the employer pays the childcare costs from the employee's gross income (pre-tax), which reduces both the NICs and PAYE payable from the staffer and the NICS payable by the employer, maximising levels of saving for both. 

But all contributions made by your employer are 100% deductible against corporation tax - and so there is a very real prospect that employers can provide you with childcare that is entirely free. If you'd like us to talk to your HR departments, please fill out our referral form below and we'll do the rest for you! 😀

Workplace Nursery (1)
Workplace Nursery

How does it work

Your employer signs up with Enjoy Benefits to provide the Workplace Nursery Scheme and they pay the childcare fees from your pre-tax earnings, reducing your PAYE and their Employers NICs. We've seen some clients save £10k on tax in a year. Not bad during a cost of living crisis!

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Workplace nursery Scheme

Professional staff benefits provider to manage the programme on your behalf

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Workplace Nursery

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Workplace Nursery (1)

Bundled Discounts

And with us, you can apply the Workplace Nursery scheme tax savings to the other cost alleviation methods and subsidy programmes we have on offer at Hatching Dragons. You can secure the public sector discount of 5-50% off your full fees, and pay the balance through the Workplace Nursery Scheme; you can secure Referral Discounts of 5% for each and every family and pay the balance via workpalce nursery OR build up a credit to be discounted against future fees; and you can secure the 15-30 hour funding as a discount on those fees also. By combining these measures you can make your childcare more or less cost netural - get in touch to find out how!