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A New Kind of Nursery

Language and Literacy

Want your child do learn empathy, cultural acuity and language skills that will change their future?  They can. With us.

Preschool chinese circle time-3
Second language acquisition in modern foreign languages that matter to children's futures and phonics to make them school ready and literate by five...
Inspiring Nursery Education

Language and Literacy Classes

Our Language and Literacy programme has a dedicated specialist teacher in each school, schooled in both delivering both English and a second modern, foreign language as part of our curriculum. It is a centre piece of our Early Years Education, one that has been singled out by Ofsted in our inspection reports, for being consistently high quality...

Preschool - Phonics-1
LIT Reading

Phonics & Reading

Our literacy teacher focusses on developing the child's phonological awareness with the introduction of letters and sounds in our toddler class before moving on towards the full phonics programme in preschool

handwriting skills-1
WRIT Writing Class

Writing & Calligraphy

We teach our children alphabetical and pictographic writing systems to help with fine motor control and language awareness, starting with mark making in our babies and moving into letter recognition and writing in preschool

story time-1
STO Story Time

Story Time

We draw on the rich cultural legacies of the regions we're investigating in our cultural programme in any given month to inform our choice of children's books and stories to embed the cultural knowledge through narration and story-telling.

Chinese numeracy class-1
MFL Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

And each school has a dedicated modern foreign languages teacher to teach the second language programme at the school. It could be Mandarin, French, Arabic and Spanish is soon to come. 

westminster babies makaton with LJ-1
MAK Makaton

Makaton & Baby Sign

A dedicated makaton and baby sign language programme to help pre-verbal children develop linguistic understanding and develop a greater capacity for inclusive language within the school

Multicultural Childcare

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We appreciate that our community is busy - sometimes it's impossible to get out of work to come and see the school, at least for that first inspection. But don't worry, we've got you covered. You can book in for a virtual / online tour from the comfort of your own desk, to get that first impression of the school in action before having to bug your boss for the time off to come and meet us in person. Just book in below...

Talk & Sing!

Language and music are intrinsically linked...

Hatching Dragons employs the basic pedagogical principle of “Talk & Sing” to nurture phonological awareness, language and communicative abilities through something enjoyable and, principally, memorable. We all remember the nursery rhymes of our childhood, after all, and that is because of the cadence, harmony and musicality that embeds the words in long-term memory. 

Music interweaves through all areas of learning and development which can be seen throughout our programmes and age groups and we look to identify the four aspects in our practice and how children respond to it to know that we’re achieving the impact we want. Music can be a way of exploring, communicating and responding to experience. Making music with others can be a social experience whether this be parent-baby/carer-baby exchanging coos, or two or more children making music with pots, pans or traditional instruments. This interaction with others, whether this be with one other person or a group, is personal to each individual and is often an expression of feelings. All vocal communication is comprised of musical elements such as pitch, rhythm and timbre, demonstrating that musicality is an intrinsic part of being human. Music should be seen as a core component of children’s learning and should be shared with young children to ensure they have broad, balanced and rounded experiences in early childhood and beyond. For more guidance, see Musical Development Matters and the Hatching Dragons Bilingual Song Book 1 & 2 for resources.

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Read on to to review some of our latest blog posts and content on early years developmental theory, what's going on in the group and much, much more...