Childcare and nursery discounts

If you work in the Westminster, City of London or Southwark Council, the NHS or the government, and are looking for public sector childcare discounts for your nursery, get in touch. At Hatching Dragons, we wanted to thank your efforts and we have set up a scale of discounts to do it!

Up to 50% discount for Public Sector employees!

At Hatching Dragons we believe in the importance of giving back and our public sector childcare discounts intend to help those who help keep the country running

Depending on the household income, we offer a discount on nursery fees of up to 50% for NHS, government or council staff! Please notice that we will need proof of your employment for the corresponding discount.

P.S. This discount can be combined with 15 or 30 h funding. Enquire for more details!

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Public Sector Childcare Discounts Explained

Our public sector childcare discounts apply for anyone who is paid by the the public to deliver the public services that the country needs to keep running. That has never been more true than it is today when staff at the NHS, councils and government kept us going through covid.

Our public sector discounts offer a spread of discounts from 5% to 50% depending on the gross household income of the applicant family, and filling out the above form will / should automatically generate both the fee card and the % public sector childcare discount applicable for your household. It will also flag up that you are interested in securing these discounts for when you register we will ask you for your verification documentation (normally payslips) to then confirm your placement with us at that discounted rate. Simples!

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