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Hatching Dragons Canada Water

Multicultural Early Years Education

Inspiring educational activities, initiatives and insight for parents of children across Rotherhithe and the South East

Our Canada Water blog is here for all parents of our school in Rotherhithe and intends to act as a journal of the school - photos, videos, updates, initiatives and events of everything school related will be posted here, along with some thoughts and musings from our senior team on our education and its relevance to our community and children. Click on to read on please be sure to send to your friends!

Multilingual Learning

What sets Hatching Dragons apart is our commitment to second language learning and immersion in our activities. The cognitive benefits of a second language in the early years are well established - it develops critical thinking, adaptability, creativity and fluency of thought, better analytical reasoning and so much more...


Roli Itayav

Hatching Dragons Canada Water

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