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Nurturing the new Generation

Cultural Capital

If you, like us, look beyond borders and long for a time where we could all just get along, collaborate and solve the world's problems together, then read on...

Our proprietary early years curriculum is unashamedly internationalist, looking to teach our children about the people and places of the world, to excite the imagination and build bridges between communities and cultures...
Intercultural Nursery Education

Our Regional Themes

Each month we investigate the people, places, plant life, animals, objects and activities of a particular region and culture. It is a central theme that allows the teachers to research the literature, myths, songs and stories; the arts, crafts and ceramics and textiles from a region; the dance forms and dramatic arts; it allows the chef to look into the cuisine for cookery classes and so much more. These regional themes are launch pads in our Early Years Education that allow our teachers to interpret and interrogate it in whatever way the children want to pursue it, starting with the stories, songs and myths of the region, we can develop it across the arts, dance, drama and more...

January - Arctic & Polar Regions-1-1
January Arctic & Polar Regions

Arctic & Polar Peoples

In January, we investigate the colder climates and cultures of the world - the Sami and Inuit peoples and what life is like for the animals and peoples of the Arctic and Polar regions. It's a time for snow, ice, polar bears and penguins and how we can / should change our behaviour to safeguard the icecaps and ecosystems of the poles...  

February - China & East Asia-1-1
February China & East Asia

The Confucian Cultures

In February we look to the "Confucian" cultures of East Asia - China, Korea and Japan to look into their mythologies, languages and cultural traditions in the arts, cuisine and story telling. There is such magic to be found in those stories - dragons and immortals, monkey kings and kung fu...all inspiring stuff for young minds...

March - Northern Europe-1-1
March UK and Northern Europe

UK & Northern Europe

In March we look at the United Kingdom and Northern Europe - France, Germany, Holland and Belgium: the Flemish, Francophone and Germanic regions of the world, with their cuisine, culture and customs and cities front and centre to our thematic learning....

April - Southern Europe-1-1
April Southern Europe

The Roman & Hellenic Cultures

In April, we turn to the Roman and Hellenic cultures of southern Europe: Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal - the wonderful food and produce that the sunnier parts of Europe produce and how the histories and mythologies of some of their greatest thinkers have given us much of what we think and do today...

May - India & the Subcontinent-1-1
May India & the Subcontinent

South East Asia & India

As we move into the summer months, we start to investigate the Hindu and Buddhist traditions of South East Asia and the Subcontinent - the rich food, the vibrant colours and climate, and wonderful mythologies of Hindu and Buddhist legend...

June - Russia & Eastern Europe-1-1
June Russia & The East

Russia, Eastern Europe & Central Asia

We look to Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia in June to understand the lives of the people of the Steppes and Central plains, the slavic traditions and those of the nomadic cultures of the grasslands of central Asia.

July - Africa-1-1
July Africa

Africa - North & South

For such a large place, one month seems too little to investigate such a richly diverse region in full. Our teachers can pick and choose a specific focus within the region to investigate with the children - the Massai of East Africa; the Yoruba of West Africa; the Berbers of the North; or the Zulu of the South, to name but a few...

August Australasia

Australasia & the Pacific Rim

In August, we investigate the cultures of the pacific islands of the south - the Maori, Hawaiians and Fijians; Tongans and the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, how maritime culture and history is deeply rooted in their traditions and myths

September - Middle East-250X200 web
September Middle East

The Middle East & Muslim World

We look into the cultures of the middle east and the muslim world, from old Arabia and Persia through to the modern day, observing the landscapes and the desert traditions of the bedouin 

October - North America-1-2
October North America

North Americas

In October we look into North America - the USA and Canada - and their cultural traditions, stories, histories and breathtaking landscapes. We look at the Native Americans and their rich oral, agrarian and artistic traditions

November - South & Central America-1-1-1
November South & Central America

South & Central America

In November, we look at South and Central America, looking at the rich diversity of custom and culture across the region, the dance forms, vibrant colours in textiles and richness of the cuisine and oral traditions. We look at the Amazon and what we can do to protect it...

December - Scandinavia & North Europe-1-1
December Scandinavia


In December, we look into the cultural traditions of Northern Europe - the Scandinavians, Vikings and Saxons, their mythologies and fables, landscapes and languages. We look to the traditional folklore for our myths and fables, to the folk arts for our fabrics and paintings and pottery...

Multicultural Childcare

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Free Childcare

30 Hours Free Childcare

Currently a subsidy only offered to 3-4 yr old children and only for the term after they turn three, the 30 hours free childcare offer is available to working families where both parents are earning more than £167 a week but do not earn, individually, more than £100k p.a. each. The good news is that the (current) government is offering 30 hours free childcare to 2 year olds from this September (2024) and for 9 month old babies from September 2025

Free Childcare

15 Hours Free Childcare

Currently a subsidy only offered to 3-4 yr old children and only for the term after they turn three, the 15 hours free childcare offer is available to all families, irrespective of their financial background. The (current) government is extending the 15 hours free childcare offer to two year old children from April 2024. All we need from you is a termly parent declaration signed and delivered to us to secure your subsidy from the council. Note the hourly rates change from council to council

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