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A New Kind of Nursery

Stimulating STEM

We stimulate numerical knowledge in creative ways - cookery club for weights and measurement; science club for time and space and the traditional counting games for computational skills

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Inspiring Early Years Education

STEM Education

We try to deliver our numeracy outcomes through a more creative and explorative approach by looking to related areas of activity that stimulate minds whilst still delivering cognitive development in number recognition in our Early Years Education. We use cookery and science clubs to nurture knowledge of weight, measure and volumes; we use coding club to develop an awareness of function and logic; and we use traditional numbers games to foster number recognition, counting and grouping....

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NUM Maths

Numbers & Counting

The basics of our STEM curriculum is about number recognition and developing the simple counting skills of numbers up to 20, with adding, subtracting and grouping to make the Reception ready by five....

nursery cookery club
COOK Cookery Club

Cookery Club

We draw our inspiration from the cuisines of the region we're investigating in our cultural programme and encourage the children to learn weights, measurement, volume, cutting and cooking to nurture knowledge of food, healthy diets and culture at the same time...

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SCI Science Club

Science Club

We look at famous scientists from our region of study and talk about their inventions and ideas; we look at simple but exciting science experiments to help children develop that wonder with the natural world, and, in the process, talk about time, space and measurement....

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CODE Coding Club

Technology & Coding Club

Our approach to nurturing knowledge of technology is not to let our children run amok with devices. Technological awareness is important, but only if we approach it from a place of active interest and engagement. We build, engineer and focus on the logic tools and games that help build computational awareness...

Multicultural Childcare

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We appreciate that our community is busy - sometimes it's impossible to get out of work to come and see the school, at least for that first inspection. But don't worry, we've got you covered. You can book in for a virtual / online tour from the comfort of your own desk, to get that first impression of the school in action before having to bug your boss for the time off to come and meet us in person. Just book in below...

Our Developmental Framework

Birth to Five Matters

We draw on the expertise and experience of our practitioners who have been schooled in all disciplines - we have Forest school teachers, Montessori, Reggio and EYFS trained teachers. But all agree that the best developmental framework to monitor, measure and maintain your child's development with us, is the Birth to Five Matters Framework...

Child Development
Our School Blog

Latest updates from the schools...

Read on to to review some of our latest blog posts and content on early years developmental theory, what's going on in the group and much, much more...