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Inspiring Early Years Education

Multicultural and multilingual early years education for the globally travelled, aspirational and professional parent.

Want more from childcare? You can. With us. Enrol your child into a nursery that focusses on building intercultural understanding through a linguistically rich, and culturally diverse proprietary curriculum. Building the global citizens of tomorrow...
Our Story

What we believe

We want to do childcare differently - focussing on fostering a sense of global citizenship and nurturing fluency in languages that matter to your child's future are our way of ensuring that the future looks brighter than today. Because we believe that it is in our children that the prospect of a peaceful future lies. And if we can all just learn to understand, accept and celebrate our differences  we think our society can mature to be inclusive, diverse and accepting. 

Multicultural Childcare

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We appreciate that our community is busy - sometimes it's impossible to get out of work to come and see the school, at least for that first inspection. But don't worry, we've got you covered. You can book in for a virtual / online tour from the comfort of your own desk if you click through to the school pages. If you'd just like a call back for now, click below

Multicultural and Intercultural Childcare

Our Nursery Schools

Our nursery schools and childcare centres are located in the heart of London, within walking distance of all of the principal commercial districts across town: Westminster, the City of London and Canary wharf so we can best serve the needs of the busy professional parents that we serve...

City of London

Our wonderful school located in the heart of the City of London is perfect for working families who need a facility close to the office

Westminster Pimlico Nursery-1-1

Westminster Pimlico

Our Westminster nursery school is located on the grounds of the beautiful St James the Less Church, Pimlico, in a grade 1 listed former primary school replete with playgrounds and outdoor space

Canada Water-Interior Design (2)-1-3-1

Canada Water

Our Canada Water Nursery is located on the grounds of the Lavender park nature reserve, providing on site forest school facilities for out door learning...

What We Do

Nursery | Weekend Daycare | Holiday Clubs

Parenting can be tough. And it's getting tougher as life becomes increasingly busy. We believe that childcare can play a part in making parenting much, much easier, by providing integrated services that deliver care and support in any area a working parent has a need. So we're working on services that can deliver childcare to you at school, near work, at home and can leverage what we do to make your own parenting tasks easier at home....

Free Childcare

Tax Free Childcare

The government's universal benefit that is not curtailed by the age of your child is tax free childcare. It means that for every £1 you invest into your government managed tax free childcare account, the state will contribute another 20p up to a maximum of £2000 a year. We offer many more programmes to reduce your fees - from Workplace Nursery Schemes where you can save over £10,000 through to the 15-30 hour funding schemes from councils. Read our discounts for more information

tax free childcare-1
What we Deliver

Global, International Pedagogy

Hatching Dragons was established to provide a different form of childcare that focussed on inclusivity, multiculturalism and multilingualism for the children of our families, be they globally travelled, educationally aspirational expatriate and or  local.

We believe we can do so much more for our children in the early years - it is the crucible of learning, where the foundation of our futures skills, attitudes and agency can emerge. We believe in the importance of global citizenry and in priming our children to be positive participants in a multicultural world. Through our proprietary intercultural and bilingual educational programme we aim to achieve 3 things:

Language Learning

Technical fluency in languages that matter to our children's futures

Cognitive Benefits

The cognitive impact that bilingual immersion to achieve that fluency can deliver for your child

Intercultural Understanding

The intercultural understanding that our global educational programme can nurture

Multicultural Education

Global Citizenship

We've developed a proprietary multinational curriculum that investigates 12 regions of the world, spending time to interrogate the people, the places, the animals, objects and cultural activities ( arts, literature, food, dance, you name it) of a particular country within that region. Ultimately, we want our children to graduate excited by the world, the people and cultures within it and primed with a belief that differences are to be celebrated

Join the Family

Communities that matter

We throw parties for our parents every month to bring our community together and show case what the children have learnt...

Cultural Festivals
Our Families say...

“Fantastic loving nursery. My daughter is in the preschool room and is so happy - she runs in every day. I have been so impressed by the quality of the teaching”


Westminster Parent

What Our Families Say

Customer Testimonials

We believe in what we do but most importantly we want our families to as well. We regularly seek feedback from our communities via our monthly feedback surveys to better understand what we're doing right and what we need to do better to make this the best experience for you and your children. And we seem to be doing something right!

The staff are amazing, they are fully dedicated to the kid's development and they love to spend time with them. I always see them enthusiastic about their job, I have full confidence that my kid is well looked after.


We have been truly blessed with our experience with this lovely nursery and lovely staff. My baby was 12 months when he joined and they have really made it easy for us to leave our baby under their care and we have seen our child improve significantly in terms of being more sociable and more creative. 


Our little one has been going to Hatching Dragons for almost 4 months and we have nothing but praise for all of the staff. She is clearly enjoying it on top of picking up a language we never imagined she would get a chance to. Being what looks like a converted convent or a church, the facilities are 
amazing, offering a great sense of space both in and out, especially when compared to other central London nurseries.




Heart it first hand!

Don't take our word for it - some of our families have left us some warm words for you to hear and share from those who have experienced what it means to be part of our family and community. 


Hatching Dragons Blog

Working With Parents to Inform and Excite

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