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A New Kind of Nursery

Purposeful Pedagogy

Want your child do learn empathy, cultural acuity and language skills that will change their future?  They can. With us.

We believe in doing early years education differently. Our multilingual and multicultural team of Montessori and EYFS nursery teachers focus on teaching children about the wonder of the wider world...
Birth 2 Five Matters - Factors which influence development-1-1
The EYFS Statutory Framework

Birth to Five Matters

The Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework outlines the 7 areas of learning that we, as educators, need to focus on nurturing to ensure your child is school ready by five - they are Communication & Language; Physical Development; Emotional Development; Literacy; Numeracy; Understanding the World; and Arts and Expressive Design. And for us, the best framework to track your child's development against those 7 areas, is Birth to Five Matters, which provides us, and you, the milestones we need to secure to prove to you, your child and Ofsted that we're delivering the educational value we know we offer in Early Years Education. Click on the image to download the framework in full, or read on for the principles behind pedagogy in early years education

Character Development

Teaching Values

We believe that the early years is the most crucial period in a child's educational experience as it forms the foundations from which their future cognitive capacities spring. As it does for their values - the agency and attitude with which they will approach life, its challenges and the people within it. We focus on a different moral / ethic each month - those that we believe to be universal to all cultures and work to embody those values in the behaviours of our teachers and children alike.

Value_Icons_doing right
Multicultural Education

Global Citizenship

We've developed a proprietary multinational curriculum that investigates 12 regions of the world, spending time to interrogate the people, the places, the animals, objects and cultural activities ( arts, literature, food, dance, you name it) of a particular country within that region. Ultimately, we want our children to graduate excited by the world, the people and cultures within it and primed with a belief that differences are to be celebrated

Specialist Teachers

Education Programmes

If birth to five matters is the framework by which we can monitor the development of your child across the 7 areas of learning, and our Global Curriculum is the content through we can achieve that development, our Education Programmes are the core areas of educational activities that we use to build out our daily routines to stimulate your child's interest in and knowledge of those regional, cultural thematic foci. They are as follows and each has a dedicated specialist teacher within each school to deliver...
Bilingual Circle Time

Language & Literacy

We are firm believers in immersing children in language and have dedicated language teachers to focus on two primary channels: modern foreign languages as well as English. Key areas of work include: reading, writing, poetry and rhymes, story time, calligraphy, mark making, phonics and more...

STEM - education-nursery-1

STEM Education

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and encompasses a range of exciting clubs and activities we undertake across our working week: Science Club, Coding club, cookery club outside of the traditional focus on numeracy skills development in number recognition, calculations and helping children develop knowledge of volume, shape and measure as well as time and space....


Arts & Expressive Design

Our Arts programme encompasses all things creative within the school - music class, dance and drama, painting and drawing, pottery club and textiles. All are influenced by the regional theme of the month to inform our choice of colour, and which artists we might be inspired by, but the classes are led by dedicated specialists within the school to help children develop specific creative skillsets across each age group


Sports Programme

Our sports programme focusses not only on gross and fine motor control and hand -eye coordination, but to introduce children to healthy lifestyles and team sports that encourage them to work together. We do football and rugby in the winter, basketball in the Spring and tennis and athletics in the summer, culminating with our lovely sports day at the end of the academic year!

Bilingual Education

Learning Modern Languages

Our intercultural education programme  would not deliver without a focus on second language acquisition. We have specialist language teachers in the team to focus on developing fluencies in languages that matter to the future and demonstrating all of the cognitive benefits that immersion can offer

Preschool chinese circle time
Education for a New world

Our Classes & Age Groups

As a educational group registered with Ofsted on the Early Years Register, and both the mandatory and voluntary parts of the Childcare Register, we are authorised to care for and educate children up to the age of five in our nursery, kindergarten and holiday club classes throughout the working week, and to provide non statutory education and childcare support for children up to the age of 12 in our Weekend Childcare and Weekend school services on the weekend. You can find our school classes below...

Baby Dragons 0-2 yrs Old

Our Baby Programme

Our baby programme focusses on the 3 prime areas of learning - communication & language; physical development; and personal social and emotional development to ensure the foundations are there for the future

Blue Dragons 2-3 Yr Olds

Our Toddler Programme

Our Blue Dragons are our toddler class, children who are only just beginning to stretch their wings and explore the world with their new words and questions about their wider environment and physical and social community...

Dragon Flight 3-5 yrs old

Our Preschool Programme

Our preschool programme focusses on school preparedness - literacy, numeracy and a cultural exploration that touches on all of the different regions of the world, investigating the people, places, plants, animals, objects and activities of a particular region each month 

Red Dragons 5-6 yrs old

Weekend School Entry

Our weekend schools offer a language enrichment programme that focusses on developing oral fluencies in languages that matter to children's futures, and primary school revision in literacy, numeracy and the arts

Weekend school class 1
Gold Dragons 6-8 yrs old

Weekend School Class 1

Our Weekend School class 1 focusses on providing an artistic and creative space for children to apply themselves whilst also allowing our teachers to work, individually with children on KS1 and KS2 primary school revision

Weekend School Class 2-1
Black Dragons 8-10 yrs old

Weekend School Class 2

We're really gearing up towards entrance exams and secondary school in our final year group of weekend school - our teachers focus on working with parents to better understand the revision required to get children into their target schools of choice

Cultural Capital

International Observances. Cultural Festivals...

We've partnered with Global Dimension to help build out our international observances and event calendar for cultural festivals and parties throughout the year....

Family Festivals

“We love getting invited to the parties. It's a short walk from the office to see our children show case their cultural knowledge they've acquired over the month... ”


Canada Water Parent

Our School Blog

Latest updates from the schools...

Read on to to review some of our latest blog posts and content on early years developmental theory, what's going on in the group and much, much more...