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Multilingual Kindergarten and Daycare

A nursery for language nuts

If you're after a day nursery that shares your passion for Language, look no further...
Modern Languages-1-1

Having an educational team drawn from places as far away as Chile in South America, to China in East Asia helps. We have language teachers that speak Mandarin, Bengali, Arabic and soon Spanish and French across our schools...

Our Languages on Offer

Multilingual Teachers

Our teachers hold teaching degrees from the UK and China, and are multilingual to boot. From Bengali and Arabic speakers through to Cantonese and Mandarin, we have Russian and Lithuanian speakers, Spanish and more besides. Come down to the schools and meet the team to find out more...

Bengali & Arabic

We have a strong contingent of Bengali and Arabic speakers across our schools, teachers who have been both trained in the UK and abroad in early years education and language learning

Mandarin & Cantonese

We've recruited heavily from China, having offered full bilingual immersion programmes at all of our schools. This means we have a full complement of Chinese teachers on hand ...

Spanish & French

We'll soon be rolling out a French and Spanish capability in our class rooms with the appointment of more educators from our European neighbours in the months and weeks ot come...

The Bilingual Benefit

Second Language Acquisition Upside

Did you know that the most spoken language in the world is Mandarin? With over 1.3 billion native speakers, it is, by far, the largest language in the world. Spanish is next, with almost 500 million native speakers, followed by English with just under one third of that of Mandarin - some 370 odd million with Arabic hot on its heels (and getting larger by the day).

They are also known to be some of the hardest languages to learn. But not if you start early. By immersing children in second languages in the early years, we're priming their brains to pick up languages in later life. It's called the meta-linguistic capability and we're all over it!

Be the best parent you can be

Hatching Dragons Blog

We keep our community up to date with activities and the best of early years methodologies and parenting tips to keep you up to date with how to be the best parent you can be...