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Intercultural Education - Our Approach

Intercultural Education


Hatching Dragons was established to deliver a different kind of childcare - one that would offer our children an ethos that would prepare them for all the opportunities and excitement the world, and its peoples, present. In that, we wanted to use language as the lever to help young children develop their understanding of different cultures by learning to think and speak differently to their native environment.

But beyond language, we wanted to use culture - an investigation into the places, the people, the plant life, the animals, the objects and cultural activities inherent in a particular region of the world to really get children immersed in the histories and mythologies of our wonderfully dynamic and diverse planet. Because in doing so, we hoped to ensure that our children grow up to accept and appreciate diversity as the spice of life; that it is through the celebration of our heterogeneity that makes us human and special. I mean, imagine a world where everyone looked the same, spoke the same, dressed the same, drove the same car, ate the same food, felt the same feelings and did the same would be utterly boring!

Cultural Festivals, International Days and Celebrations

Part of our educational programme intends to focus on the various cultural celebrations and international days as part of our cultural capital programme to foster this sense of understanding and so each month we dedicate a thematic focus for our Dragon Flight children in preschool that speaks to the cultural festivals and international days that might feature in any given month. And there are sooooo many to choose from. I mean, just take a look at the variety to choose from in November

Clearly we cannot cover them all but you'll find that each month, we do have a party on the last Friday of each month that allows parents to come along and see what the children have learnt from these cultural festivals and importance celebrations over the course of the month. There are activities for parents and child and of course the standard feast where we all sit and eat together to celebrate a cuisine from the region we've investigated that month. So if you'd like to come along and check out what we do, why not sign up to an event, and meet the children for yourselves?