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Safeguarding and Welfare

We believe that your child's safety and welfare are our number one priority. The best education in the world is only as good as the safety it provides your child and we want to ensure that with us, your child receives the same love, care and attention they get with you. Our attentive key workers are all trained in Paediatric First Aid and receive advanced level 2 and 3 safeguarding and child protection training as standard.

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Child Protection & Safeguarding

The NSPCC states that Safeguarding is "the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm" and is a statutory (legal) duty that all Ofsted registered childcarers must bear as part of their obligations under the EYFS Statutory Framework. It covers everything from Health & Safety through to nutrition and requires effective partnership with parents and our regulators to deliver in full. We break them into 3 broad areas:

Child Protection

The policies that ensure that our children and the people who work with them and interact with them are always protected from harm, abuse and neglect, including the work we undertake with regulators

Health & Safety

What policies we have in place to ensure health and safety guidance is followed to minimise risk to the children within our care and what procedures we follow in the event of an emergency


We take infant food nutrition hugely seriously - it is the energy that helps with brain development and can have a huge impact on attention, focus and behaviour. We want it balanced and healthy

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Safeguarding and Child Protection

Our safeguarding policy explains our approach to child protection and safeguarding across all of our schools and covers key areas, such as our procedures for accidents, allergies; injuries and medical emergencies; Critical Incident response; and specific policies in safeguarding regarding FGM, modern slavery & human trafficking, the Prevent Duty and Looked After Children, among others.

Making Safety our Chief Priority

Understanding and learning how to navigate and manage risk is a key part of child development. We do not believe that children can or should be insulated from the challenges that life poses but rather supervised, mentored and supported in such a way that they can learn to confidently overcome those risks. Our health and safety policies cover everything from our approach to risk management,  how we maintain health and safety across our schools in our day to day practice and more.

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Child Protection & Welfare (3)

SEN & Behaviour Management

Our general practice procedures cover our policy and approach to Special Educational Needs; Behaviour Management and how we maintain a positive and inclusive approach with our children and parents. You can also find out about key persons and what those bonds mean to our children and team; transitions and how we manage migration through the years. Additionally, you can learn more about how we manage sleep and the intimate care routines that we implement to ensure their needs are respectfully met.