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Student Support

85% of your Childcare Covered

Good news! If you're a parent in full time study you can get support with childcare expenses - the Childcare Grant is made available to you to pay for 85% of your fees, or £188.90 a week for one child or £323.85 for two, whichever is the less. 

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Student Support

Bundled Benefits

Do you know what else is exciting? You can bundle this support with our other discounts and subsidy programmes:

  • Our public sector discounts offer up to 50% off if your partner is working whilst you study
  • You can secure the 15-30 funded hours from the local authority on top of your chlidcare grant
  • If your partner is in work, they might benefit from the Workplace Nursery Scheme to pay any balance of fees due from their pre-tax income, securing the PAYE rebate the scheme offers

There is a very real path to having full time childcare delivered to you more or less for free. Get in touch today to find out more


Checking your Grant

You have to ensure that you're eligible for these benefits as not all students do qualify. You cannot be earning over a certain threshold as a household to qualify for the support and you have to be in full time study

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childcare discounts

Our Childcare Discounts

At Hatching Dragons we want to support families in gaining access to our excellent childcare services as best as we can. So we’ve made sure to provide multiple childcare discounts and subsidiary programmes to ensure that we give back what we can, where we can and to those families who need it the most. You can find out more on our discount pages