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Childcare Discounts

Early Years Funding

All of our schools offer the 15 hours free childcare and the 30 hours free childcare for those eligible for funding support from the local authority. We're happy to announce that we will be extending the number of funded places available to support the government's extension of the 15 and 30 hours free childcare for two year olds in 2024 and for babies by September 2024. With us, you have the option of securing a fully funded space or to pay a surcharge to provide your child with access to the enrichment activities and excursions highlighted in our timetables below

2-3 yr olds

15 Hours Free Childcare for 2 year olds

The Government's newly announced extension of the 15 hours funding in childcare (applicable 38 weeks a year) will be implemented on April 1st, 2024 and apply to all eligible working parents who meet the eligibility criteria set out on the website

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Music Class-1-2-1
3-4 yr olds

30 Hours Free Childcare

You can apply to a 30-hours funded place if your household or you earn more than £139 per week, not exceeding £100,000 in the year for each member of the household (so £200k in the year) You can either secure 30 hours 38 weeks a year or 22 hours a week 51 weeks a year (a total of 1140 hours in the year). This will be extended to two year olds in September 2024, and for babies from 9 months old from September 2025. Eligibility criteria apply so read up!


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3-4 yr olds

15 Hours Free Childcare

This is a Universal benefit for all families with children between the ages of 3-4 years old, allowing you to draw funding for 15 hours of childcare / week for 38 weeks a year, or 11 hours / week for 51 weeks a year if you require full time care. All we need is a termly parent declaration form from you to secure it. 

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Preschool Routine
Our Curriculum

Enrichment Activities

Our approach is to balance child-led, free play with our resource rich enabling environments with that of adutl-led, focussed activities that seek to enrich your child's learning beyond the borders of our room and school. We're talking cookery club, dance and drama, awesome outings and excursions, pottery classes and much, much more. To download our full activity planner for each age group, just click on the image to the left

tax free childcare-1
Free Childcare

Tax Free Childcare

The government's universal benefit that is not curtailed by the age of your child is tax free childcare. It means that for every £1 you invest into your government managed tax free childcare account, the state will contribute another 20p up to a maximum of £2000 a year. Eligibility criteria apply and you cannot use it with the workplace nursery scheme, which would otherwise provide you with a much more substantial saving in tax.

Multicultural Education

Global Citizenship

We've developed a proprietary multinational curriculum that investigates 12 regions of the world, spending time to interrogate the people, the places, the animals, objects and cultural activities ( arts, literature, food, dance, you name it) of a particular country within that region. Ultimately, we want our children to graduate excited by the world, the people and cultures within it and primed with a belief that differences are to be celebrated

Preschool chinese circle time
Bilingual Education

Learning Modern Languages

Our intercultural education programme  would not deliver without a focus on second language acquisition. We have specialist language teachers in the team to focus on developing fluencies in languages that matter to the future and demonstrating all of the cognitive benefits that immersion can offer