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Childcare Discounts

Early Years Funding

All of our schools offer the local authority's Early Years Funding support for 15 and 30 hours for eligible funding. You have the option of choosing full funded, term only places that don't benefit from our language programme, in which the school management determines the schedule of care, or you can purchase the additional curricula programme inputs in language and cultural learning as additional extras to the core care provision

3-4 yr olds

30 Hour Funding

You can apply to a 30-hours funded place if your household or you earn more than £139 per week, not exceeding £100,000 in the year for each member of the household (so £200k in the year) You can either secure 30 hours 38 weeks a year or 22 hours a week 51 weeks a year (a total of 1140 hours in the year)

2 yr olds

15 Hour Funding

You can apply to a 15-hours funded place if you have a two year old only if you are on a series of benefits offered by the Government. It is targeted for who HMG perceives to have the most need in childcare support. Because clearly parents not on income support don't need any support until 3 anyway...🤔

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3-4 Yr olds

15 Hour Funding

15 hours of free childcare for children from 3 to 4 years old is available for all families in England as a Universal benefit for everyone (including billionaires). You can secure 15 hours of free childcare or early education for 38 weeks (term time only) or 11 hours / week all year round (a total of 570 hours per year).

Eligibility Required

30 Hour Funding

Certain families can benefit from 30 hours funding from the local authority. There are eligibility criteria around how much gross household income you can earn before you don't stand to benefit but it similarly applies to children over the age of 3, at least until 2024 when it will apply to children of all ages

Early Years Funding

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One of our team will respond within the next 24 hours to run through your enquiry and to let you know what availability we have within the school for your child on the funding provision you request

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Income Support

Key Points

As a day nursery provider, we do not operate a 38 week, term based calendar, and so tend to spread the 38 week benefit across the full year. We charge fees on a monthly basis, and so allocate your total annual hours (570 if on the 15 hour funded arrangement or 1140 if on the 30 hour funded arrangement) against a weekly entitlement of:

  • 11.17 hours / week if on the 15 hour arrangement (570 hrs in year divided by 51 weeks of operations)
  • 22.35 hours / week if on the 30 hour arrangement (1140 hrs in the year divided by 51 weeks of operations)

Should parents have a preference for only in-term provision on a 38 week year programme of care, we advise liaising with the nursery management and finance department (finance@hatching-dragons.com) to clarify your preference and to agree ahead of time. Note this will mean that you will not be eligible for any care during holiday periods, and would therefore have to apply for one of our holiday camp packages, which would not be funded.