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Looking for multicultural childcare?

International Nursery

We believe we can make the world a better place if we learn to see it through the eyes of others...

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Our kindergartens and daycare centers focus on teaching children foreign languages that matter and about the cultures and histories of the world. So for the global citizens and expats out there who believe in the power of travel, we're here to help your children grow excited by the world....

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Multicultural Nursery

Intercultural Kindergartens

Our nursery and kindergartens were set up to provide the globally travelled professional parent and expat a different kind of early years education experience for their child. Our aim was to deliver 3 things - fluencies in foreign languages that would matter to their futures; the cognitive benefits that second language acquisition can offer  in those child development stages of the early years; and a level of intercultural understanding that would arise from learning about and being excited by the different, multicultural communities and societies of the world...

Ironmongers Hall
8:00 am - 6:30 pm

City of London Kindergarten

Our wonderful City of London nursery school is located in the heart of the Square Mile, supporting professional parents and multinational corporations with workplace nursery schemes so their teams can focus on their careers...

8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Westminster Kindergarten

Our Westminster nursery school is located on the grounds of the beautiful St James the Less Church in the heart of Pimlico. It is replete with playgrounds and close to the wonderful cultural monuments of Tate Britain, the houses of Parliament, Southbank and so much more...

7:30 am - 6:30 pm

Canada Water Kindergarten

Our Canada Water kindergarten and daycare is located on the grounds of the Lavender park nature reserve, providing on-site forest school facilities for outdoor learning and directly opposite to the multinationals of Canary Wharf, only 15 minutes away...

Helping with the Cost of Living

Tax Free Childcare

But we do so much more than just high quality education. We've broken new ground in combining discounts, subsidies and funding support from tax free childcare through to the Workplace nursery scheme to really help families address the cost of living pay challenges they have to live in London. We've calculated that the combination of our benefits packages can strike almost 80% off your nursery fees and childcare costs

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Childcare Discounts
Our Story

Nursery Schools for the Future

Becoming a dad for the first time drove Cenn to think about what kind of early years education he would aspire to have for his children. And finding nothing that spoke to his belief in language, intercultural education and global values, he set about building Hatching Dragons. You can find more on the blog...

International Kindergartens

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If you have any questions about our kindergartens and daycare centers, leave us your details and we will get in touch to talk to you about what we can offer you and your child. From Corporate childcare support through to tax free childcare, we have something for everyone....


Early Years Education like no other...

Why did we choose to base our kindergartens in the heart of the City of London, Westminster and Canada Water? Because of the richness of the culture we can access. We take our children to Buckingham Palace, to the Houses of Parliament. We take them to St Paul's Cathedral and talk to them about the livery companies of the City of London. We take them to the Cutty Sark, to Canary Wharf and to the Tate Modern and Britain. So if you're nursery at home can offer your children the same level of cultural exposure, we'd love to hear about it. And if in doubt, read on for our curriculum...

Education for a new world

Unique Multicultural Programme

Learn about our educational approach and how it teaches your child about the wider world and the opportunities it presents.

Preschool class
Canada Water Baby Room Lead

“I love the fact I can give children a grounding in my own culture and help them understand the cultures of the world”


Deputy Manager

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