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We take a break. You should too.

Weekend Childcare

Take some time for yourself on a Saturday Morning. We regularly have emails requesting for weekend daycare near me or to enquire about our Saturday school offer. Our weekend daycare offers an engaging intercultural education in the arts, sports and numeracy for extra school preparedness. This is all delivered in central London, so catch a matinee or have some retail therapy. We'll manage the kids!

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Annual Curriculum

Our weekend childcare programme maintains our intercultural focus. We still look into human geography: cultures, regions, mythologies and histories to build on children's knowledge of the wider world. We also want them to learn about people and cultures within it, to reinforce their knowledge of and respect for global citizenship.

However, our real focus here is on building on their linguistic capability in second-language learning. Therefore, the focus is on songs, rhymes and conversational fluency development to scaffold their linguistic knowledge over the 3-year groups we care for.


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Get in touch today about our weekend school. Someone from our team will be in touch the next day to answer any questions you might have.

Our Age Groups

Our Saturday childcare intends to provide parents with the time and space they need to focus on themselves, whilst we focus on and educate the children. We take children from 3 through to 10 years of age on Saturday and Sunday mornings and provide them with language enrichment classes in Spanish or Mandarin, and fun, engaging educational programmes that reinforce the literacy, numeracy and arts programmes delivered in school across the working week. We want these weekend experiences to be deliver second language learning for our children - a skill set that will put them in good stead in their futures and work towards delivering examination grades at the end of the cycle

3 - 5 yo


Our 3-5-year-old cohort focuses on continuing our preschool nursery curriculum in intercultural education and language enrichment. Its primary focus is on servicing the needs of families who might already be enrolled in a preparatory school but who nevertheless want their child to develop a language skill set.

5 - 6 yo


As children turn 5, our educational focus becomes more geared towards school preparedness and reception EYFS profile closure. We focus on phonics, literacy and numeracy in fun and engaging activities that are creatively aligned. Lots of arts and crafts and, of course, a focus on second language acquisition from our Spanish and Mandarin teams.

6 - 8 yo

Class 1

We focus on embedding children's knowledge and skills achieved in primary school with a renewed focus on literacy and numeracy, along with creative arts classes in dance and drama. Our second language classes become more focussed on the retention of vocabulary and the application of new words into simple sentence structures in conversation games.

8 - 10 yo

Class 2

Our older children are focused on working towards achieving their examination results in their second language of choice. Literacy, reading comprehension and writing abilities are worked on in conversational workshops with our dedicated bilingual teachers in creative activities so that we've got the structures in place to get your child the recognition they deserve.