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Up to 85% Of Your Childcare Costs Covered

Good news! If you're a working parent with childcare expenses, Universal Credit is here to help hard working parents manage the Cost of Living. They can assist you with up to 85% of the cost of your childcare at Hatching Dragons each month. Do you know what else is exciting? The help not only applies to our regular day care services but also extends to our Holiday Camps so you can have the flexibility to choose the childcare option that best suits you.

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Universal Credit and Childcare

If you are working, Universal Credit can help with the costs of childcare, no matter how many hours you work.

You can claim up to 85% of your childcare costs if you’re eligible for Universal Credit and meet some additional conditions.

The amounts you can receive in childcare costs are:

  • £950.92 per month for 1 child
  • £1630.15 per month for 2 or more children


If you're sharing life with a partner, there's a tiny requirement. Both of you need to be working to access this support. Unless, of course, your partner is unable to care for the children. It also does not matter how many hours you or your partner work - there is no minimum. Universal Credit will also support those who have a job offer for a job starting within the next month.

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Bundling Discounts

At Hatching Dragons we want to support families in gaining access to our excellent childcare services as best as we can. So we’ve made sure to provide multiple childcare discounts and subsidiary programmes to ensure that we give back what we can, where we can and to those families who need it the most. And you can bundle these discounts and subsidies together to maximise your savings. Read on for more...