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Hatching Dragons

Multicultural Childcare

We believe in doing childcare differently. Language rich, culturally aligned and entirely inclusive, our multicultural education focuses on nurturing global citizenship and a belief that diversity is the spice of life...
Preschool Phonics

Preschool phonics classes at Hatching Dragons Westminster

Getting to know you

Meet our Founder

Cenn spent much of his professional career overseas in China and learnt, first hand, the advantage that developing second language skills can have - it changed the way he thought, perceived the world, and, critically, taught him to understand how other people think....

Doing early years differently

Our Educational Mission

Hatching Dragons was established to provide a different form of childcare for the 21st century family. We believe we can do so much more for our children in the early years - it is the crucible of learning, where the foundation of our futures skills, attitudes and agency can emerge. We believe in the importance of global citizenry and in priming our children to be positive participants in a multicultural world. Through our proprietary intercultural and bilingual educational programme we aim to achieve 3 things:

Language Learning

Technical fluency in languages that matter to our children's futures

Cognitive Impact

The cognitive impact that bilingual immersion to achieve that fluency can deliver for your child

Intercultural Understanding

The intercultural understanding that our global educational programme can nurture

Intercultural Team

The power of Diversity

We couldn't deliver a language rich curriculum that focussed on celebrating cultural diversity without having a culturally diverse team. Our teachers speak Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian and bring with them the passion for educating children about their cultures and history...

Delivering on Standards

Our Promise

Maintaining standards is fundamental to what we do. We employ Quality Assurance consultants who visit the schools each month to ensure they're working towards outstanding practice and want to develop a watermark of quality for each of our customer groups...

happy child kids group have fun and play at kindergarden preschool education concept with  teacher

To our Children

We promise a place to grow, make friends and explore who they are and the world around them, in a safe and engaging environment.

Happy family posing on the couch together at home in the living room

To our Families

We offer parents top quality childcare and peace of mind. With years of experience as bilingual nursery providers, we know the exact tools that your child needs to succeed.


To our Team

We offer our team the opportunity to shape children’s lives and to shape their careers. We have a fantastic work environment and competitive benefits.

Our History

Hatching Dragons was born out of an idea that we could do childcare differently and offer more to the more globally aspirational family across the UK

Feb 2023

Expanding our Language Sets

Moving beyond our traditional base in Chinese, the schools start to incorporate Spanish into the curriculum, with dedicated class teachers rotating between the schools to offer structured music, dance, songs & stories in Spanish and Chinese across the group

June 2022

Hatching Dragons City Incorporated

As part of our strategy to grant equity and share option schemes to our teachers to maximise retention, our City of London branch is re-registered as a subsidiary of Hatching Dragons Ltd, following in the model of our school in Canada Water

May 2022

City of London achieves a Good

Ofsted inspected our City branch and determined that it was Good (with some outstanding features)

January 2022

Workplace Nursery Scheme Launched

As part of our strategy to reduce childcare costs, we launch the Workplace Nursery scheme in which employers pay childcare fees from the gross wages of the employee, reducing their PAYE and the employer's NICS - the largest saving you can make in childcare

August 2021

Westminster achieves a Good!

Westminster is visited by Ofsted and achieves a Good grading!

April 2021

Canada Water Opens

In the aftermath of Covid, we decided to open another school in South East London to cater to the needs of the Rotherhithe, Bermondsey, Canada Water and Surrey Quays community.

April 2020

Class Action

Cenn is on Radio 4 discussing how British Insurers refused to pay out to businesses who held pandemic insurance cover. The outcome is a class action law suit

Summer 2020

Innovate UK Submission

Hatching Dragons works with the University of Cambridge and UCL's Institute of Education's AI department on a funding submission to develop mobile gaming Edtech solutions that utilise speech recognition for second language learning

March 2020

Covid Support

We are forced to close our schools but are granted permission to keep our City of London school open to support Healthcare workers at Barts Hospital Trust during the pandemic

March 2020

St James the Less Opens

We relocate our Westminster school from Monck Street to quardruple operating capacity to 80 FTE at St James the Less Church School. Unfortunately, it was 2 weeks before Covid!

October 2021

Westminster Achieves a Good!

Ofsted visits our school in Monck Street and delivers a Good grading to the team

October 2019

UK Trade Mission to China

Hatching Dragons is invited on the UK DIT educational mission to China for early years and K12

Spring 2019

UK Department of International Trade

Invites Hatching Dragons to consult on the international education strategy due to be launched by DfE and Damian Hinds that summer

April 2018

Hatching Dragons Westminster Opens

As part of the S106 agreement with the City of London and Taylor Wimpey, we open our second site in the heart of Westminster, on Monck Street, just around the corner from the Home Office

July 2018

Cenn gets married!

Cenn and Emily finally tie the knot and he manages to scrap 1 week off work for the first time in some years!

July 2018

Barbican Relocation

Due to the Taylor Wimpey development at Fann Street, we relocate to Ironmongers Hall to double operating capacity and avoid the impact of the large scale build programme

May 2017

Barbican achieves a Good!

Our first school achieves a good grading from Ofsted

May 2015

Hatching Dragons Barbican Opens!

Our first school offering bilingual Mandarin-English immersion opens in the heart of the Barbican just by Fortune Green