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Bilingual educators at home

Multilingual Nanny in London

Childcare and language learning at home. Learn more about our intercultural nannies in London.

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We are not like any other nanny agency in London

Bilingual Nannies & Home-based Care

How much does a nanny cost? Looking for a nanny in London doesn't have to be stressful! We know that finding someone who is good enough to look after your children and be part of your family can be a challenge, so we are here to help you with the task! Our nannies are trustworthy, kind and reliable. Keep reading and learn more about how we can find you a nanny in London. Here are some of the steps we undertake to ensure that you're carer is securely vetted, trained and competent to do the job...

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Advanced Vetting

Safer Recruitment

We apply the same stringent background checks that Ofsted required of us for our day nursery teaching staff, giving you peace of mind that the person working with your child is who they say they are and are qualified and insured do deliver what you need

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Curricula Access

Teaching Infrastructure

Our home based educators have access to our educational content via Hubspot, allowing them free access to the same curricula programming that your child would benefit from if they were at one of our schools.

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Developmental Reporting

You'll get access to EY Log, just like our nursery parents, and your teacher will observe and assess your child in the same way he / she would as if your child attends school. You'll receive developmental updates on the 7 areas of learning, accident reports and more...


Insurance Cover

All of our nannies are covered by our employee liability and public liability insurance policies as an educational group, so they have cover to do their jobs whilst other nannies do not

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Holiday Cover

Replacing Staff

And should your nanny be off sick or go on holiday, we should be able to replace your care with one of our bank staff team to undertake the same duties so you have the cover you need

What We Teach

Our Home based educators are trained to deliver our intercultural educational programme at school or in your home, accessing our full educational database from our online resources that has over 36 months of digitalised educational content available for them to download and reuse in your home environment. All they need is access to the wifi, a printer and a tablet to download the EY Log practitioner app and access our content database, and they'll do the rest. You can read more about our educational models below


6 Reasons to Use Us

  1. We follow the safest recruitment procedure in childcare.
  2. We'll run through a full registration form as if your child was attending school - all medical and dietary information will be stored on our system and shared with your educator so they're aware of the routines as if they attend our settings.
  3. All our nannies have a qualification in Childcare or are working towards completion.
  4. We offer additional training to our candidates, like paediatric first aid courses, Special Educational Needs, Behaviour Management and more.
  5. Your nanny will keep track of the daily activities in a digital diary, which you'll have access to on your phone app.
  6. Our nannies have access to our bilingual and intercultural learning plans via our Knowledge base

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