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Discover our nursery in the City of London
Explore our nursery in Westminster
Explore our nursery in Canada Water

Westminster Nursery

Our Westminster nursery and preschool is like a time machine! It's sitting right next to the incredible Victorian Gothic St James the Less Church. It's like stepping into history! We made sure the inside of our school was just as beautiful as the outside, with designs that matched the history of the place. Get your child ready for a journey through time, learning and fun!

A new kind of childcare

Welcome to our awesome Westminster nursery! We have designed it with super cool materials, all centred around our special learning tree theme. It's just a quick 4-minute walk from Pimlico station and only 10 minutes away from the super busy Victoria area.

Our private nursery in Pimlico is like a magical place near the train stations at Vauxhall. It's also close to the cool neighbourhoods of 9 Elms and Battersea. It's perfect for moms and dads who work hard but still want their little ones close by.

Here at Hatching Dragons, we make every day super exciting! We don't believe in boring nurseries. Instead, we think our kids should know all about the awesome community around them. They get to have the coolest adventures and learn so many things while having a blast at school. And guess what? Our team is made up of really nice and highly qualified people who take care of our children with lots of love! 🌟

Book Your Visit Today

Please select from one of the below options to be redirected to the booking pages for our schools

Discover our nursery in the City of London
Explore our nursery in Westminster
Explore our nursery in Canada Water
Hatching Dragons Westminster

Key Information

This is how our bilingual approach works ✨

We're all about making our little language learners feel like they're in a bilingual family. Each child gets a primary and a secondary key person who speaks the primary and secondary languages of instruction to the children at all times throughout the day. We mix things up, too! We rotate lead practice between these teachers in adult-led sessions so that children receive an equal split of exposure to structured educational activities in both languages.

Now, you're probably wondering if this works. Well, it's a bit like solving a puzzle. The child's personality, how much time you spend, how consistent you are, when you start the whole language adventure, and what you do at home with apps, games, songs, and media all come into play.  Bilinguals who benefit from any combination of languages at home indeed pick up the second language faster but it's not a given monolinguals can't or won't.

And hey, the proof is in the pudding - or in this case, the brain! There's evidence showing how what we're doing gives those little brains an awesome workout and helps them grow and develop.

The focus is always on your child 💖

We are firm believers that education should both be child-led, to foster their individual interests, autonomy and agency; and adult-led, to instruct and introduce new materials that help them build their knowledge, understanding and skills.

Our inspiration comes from drawing on the best pedagogical frameworks from around the world. We touch on Montessori, as we touch on High Scope; we look at Reggio as we do Steiner, Te Whariki and those of East Asia. Because no one culture has the only answer to education - so we should learn to draw on the best of all to devise a curriculum that delivers the best for all. 

We have the best teachers 🍎

We believe that diverse teams deliver dynamism and progression. It's one of the reasons we felt that education needed to draw on the best of what the world has to offer - just as we believe that with diverse sets of people, organisations can engineer the best ideas and ways of working.

All our teachers have Paediatric First Aid and hold some of the highest qualifications in early years teaching from some of the best educational institutes in the world.

Our yummy and healthy food 🍐

Our catering team have devised our approach to food and infant nutrition in line with the guidance set out by the British Nutritional Foundation with specific reference to the Government's Eatwell Guide on delivering a healthy, balanced diet for infants, toddlers and preschoolers 

We take the health and safety of your children very seriously, which is why we use management systems to secure weekly reports on children's attendance and their dietary and allergy needs, direct to our in-house catering teams. All of our chefs are qualified in the culinary arts, have advanced food hygiene training and follow the procedures outlined in the Safer Food Better Business guidance from the Food Standards Agency, so you can rest assured that your children's nutrition is in the best possible hands.

This is what Ofsted says about us ✅

Our most recent Ofsted report is below and you can read the glowing feedback we received. The inspectors were super impressed with the warm and nurturing environment we've created for your little ones and they highlighted our dedicated team, top-notch facilities, and engaging activities that make learning a blast. 

Fees, schedules and funding 🌝

We get it - life is crazy, and you need flexibility. No worries, we're not sticklers for full-time commitments. You do you!

Whether it's a single morning or afternoon session or going all in with 5 full days, it's your call (depending on what we've got available). But here's the scoop: for the ultimate language adventure, we say aim for at least 5 half days to see your child's language skills bloom.

Oh, and here's the exciting part: we have some limited funded spots available.  

Ready to know more? Click below to book a call with our team. They can help tailor things just for you! 

Our settling-in process and the first days in the nursery 👶

We have found that a calm and paced approach helps children adjust more smoothly to nursery life. The settling-in process is teamwork between parents and teachers.  

Therefore, our process is quite simple: we employ a gradual approach to settling a child in, wherein mummy or daddy will attend nursery with baby for 3-5 sessions, depending on baby’s level of comfort, each time reducing the amount of time spent with a baby so they can acclimatise and get to know his or her key worker more intimately.

Here are some extra resources for parents 🧐

Beyond what we can do for the child, we cannot forget the challenges that the most important people in their lives - parents - face every day. Parenting is tough work that is getting tougher by the daydriving parents to actively choose to not have children in many cases.

And that's not right - we want to be a service that can help our working families be the best parents they can be whilst delivering on their careers and themselves but providing them with the support to take the pain out of parenting. 

We want to hear from you

We are working towards creating an inclusive and trustworthy community for everyone, to facilitate understanding, cultural curiosity and appreciation. If you have any questions about our nurseries, get in touch and we will reply back within 48 hours.

Ask our management team

Curious about how we do things at Hatching Dragons for your little one? Let's chat! Whether you fancy a quick call or a virtual tour of our Pimlico nursery, we're here for you!


Cenn John

CEO & Founder


Kristina Preidyte

Area Manager


Sadia Begum

Deputy Manager

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We are open 51 weeks per year, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.