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Discover our nursery in the City of London
Explore our nursery in Westminster
Explore our nursery in Canada Water

City of London Nursery

Our awesome nursery at the Barbican is only a 4-minute stroll from the Barbican underground station, 5 minutes from St Paul's station, 10 minutes from Moorgate, and a 12-minute walk from Bank station. Plus, it's right near the cosy neighbourhoods of Angel, Islington, Clerkenwell, Canonbury, Old Street, Shoreditch, and Hoxton.  With a special room just for babies, we are not just a nursery but a magical hub right in the heart of the City of London!

A nursery for little explorers

Get ready for some serious exploration as our children dive into life in the City of London. It's not just learning; it's a whole adventure waiting to unfold!

Our cool nursery in the heart of London is all about making life easier for working moms and dads. We've got a sweet spot for 60 little ones, and guess what? We've teamed up with some big-shot companies to hook their employees up with Workplace Nursery Scheme perks!

But wait, there's more! Being smack in the middle of it all means your kiddo gets to soak up some seriously cool experiences. We're talking trips to the Tate Modern, zen vibes from the London Symphony Orchestra at St Luke's, chill afternoons at the Barbican Centre, and even some historical visits to St Paul's Cathedral. It's like a cultural adventure for your little one!

So, if you think that your child deserves more than just the local park, hit us up! Let's chat about all the awesome things waiting for your little explorer at our Barbican nursery.

Book Your Visit Today

Please select from one of the below options to be redirected to the booking pages for our schools

Discover our nursery in the City of London
Explore our nursery in Westminster
Explore our nursery in Canada Water
Hatching Dragons City

Key Information

This is how our bilingual approach works ✨

We're on a mission to create a bilingual family vibe for our little language learners. Each child gets not just one but two awesome key people – a primary and a secondary – who chat away in both languages all day long. And we keep things interesting! In our adult-led sessions, these teachers take turns leading the way, making sure the kids get an equal dose of structured educational fun in both languages.

Now, you might be wondering if this whole thing fits together. Think of it like solving a puzzle: the child's personality, how much quality time you spend, how consistent you are, when you kick off the language adventure, and all the cool stuff you do at home with apps, games, songs, and media – it all plays a part. Bilinguals, especially those already exposed to multiple languages at home, tend to pick up the second language a bit quicker, but hey, monolinguals can join the language party too!

And here's the kicker – the real proof is in those little brains. There's actual evidence showing that what we're up to gives those tiny minds an awesome workout, helping them grow and develop.

The focus is always on your child 💖

We strongly believe that education should be a dynamic blend, shaped both by the child's interests and autonomy, fostering their individuality, and by adult guidance to introduce new materials, building their knowledge, understanding, and skills.

Our inspiration stems from weaving together the finest pedagogical frameworks globally. We dip into Montessori and take a stroll through High Scope; we explore Reggio alongside Steiner, Te Whariki, and those from East Asia. Recognizing that no single culture holds the exclusive key to education, we draw on the best from each to craft a curriculum that brings out the best for everyone.

We have the best teachers 🍎

We believe that diverse teams deliver dynamism and progression. It's one of the reasons we felt that education needed to draw on the best of what the world has to offer - just as we believe that with diverse sets of people, organisations can engineer the best ideas and ways of working.

All our teachers have Paediatric First Aid and hold some of the highest qualifications in early years teaching from some of the best educational institutes in the world.

Our yummy and healthy food 🍐

Our catering team have devised our approach to food and infant nutrition in line with the guidance set out by the British Nutritional Foundation with specific reference to the Government's Eatwell Guide on delivering a healthy, balanced diet for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

We take the health and safety of your children very seriously, which is why we use management systems to secure weekly reports on children's attendance and their dietary and allergy needs, direct to our in-house catering teams. All of our chefs are qualified in the culinary arts, have advanced food hygiene training and follow the procedures outlined in the Safer Food Better Business guidance from the Food Standards Agency, so you can rest assured that your children's nutrition is in the best possible hands.

This is what Ofsted says about us ✅

Check out our latest Ofsted report right here! Dive into the great feedback we snagged from the inspectors who were seriously wowed by the cosy and nurturing space we've crafted for your little ones. They gave big shoutouts to our incredible team, top-of-the-line facilities, and activities that turn learning into a total blast!

Fees, schedules and funding 🌝

Life's a whirlwind, and we get it – you need flexibility. No stress, we're not all about those rigid full-time commitments. It's all about what works for you!

Whether you're up for a single morning or afternoon sesh, or you're diving into the full 5-day experience (depending on availability), it's totally your call. But here's the inside scoop: for the ultimate language adventure, we suggest aiming for at least 5 half days. That's when you'll see your little language maestro really shine.

And hold onto your hats because we have some limited funded spots up for grabs! 

Curious? Click below to book a call with our team. They can help tailor things just for you! 

Our settling-in process and the first days in the nursery 👶

Considering that a relaxed and gradual approach works wonders for children settling into nursery life, we decided to make it a team effort between parents and teachers.

We keep it simple with a step-by-step settling-in process. Mom or dad joins the nursery fun with the little one for 3-5 sessions, depending on how comfy the baby feels. Each time, we tweak it a bit, gradually reducing the time spent together. It's all about letting your cutie acclimate and build that special bond with their key caregiver. Easy peasy, right?

Here are some extra resources for parents 🧐

It's not just about what we do for the little ones; let's not overlook the daily hurdles faced by the most crucial people in their world – parents. Parenting is a challenging journey, and the demands are on the rise, often leading some to decide against having children altogether.

We believe it's not fair, and we're here to be more than just a service. We aim to support our working families in being the best parents they can be while excelling in their careers and personal lives. Our goal is to ease the challenges of parenting, making the journey smoother for our amazing parents.

We want to hear from you

We are working towards creating an inclusive and trustworthy community for everyone, to facilitate understanding, cultural curiosity and appreciation. If you have any questions about our nurseries, get in touch and we will reply back within 48 hours.

Ask our management team

Curious about how we do things at Hatching Dragons for your little one? Let's chat! Whether you fancy a quick call or a virtual tour of our Barbican nursery, we're here for you!


Cenn John

CEO & Founder


Kristina Preidyte

Area Manager

Ali Ali - Deputy Manager Hatching Dragons City

Ali Ali

Nursery Manager

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