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Our Barbican nursery is the perfect environment for children to grow and learn, with our global approach which focuses on inclusion, diversity and acceptance, whilst developing language skills in two of the world’s most important languages, English and Mandarin. Located in the heart of London, you could not get any more central than our City nursery. Close to not only your work but a range of beautiful sites such as the gardens of the Barbican, St. Pauls and the Museum of London.

Ideal if you live in or commute from/to: Bank, St Paul’s, Farringdon, Clerkenwell, Cannon Street, Liverpool Street, Moorgate, Old Street, Shoreditch, Hackney and Angel.

Transports: Barbican (tube); Moorgate (tube & mainline); Liverpool St (tube & mainline); Cannon Street (tube & mainline); Thameslink (mainline); Blackfriars (tube & mainline); St Paul’s (tube).

Near Barbican Centre, St Paul’s Cathedral, Chancery Lane, Holborn and Covent Garden.

Key facts about our Barbican nursery

  • At our Barbican nursery, we are open from 8:00 to 18:30, 51 weeks of the year.
  • Safety is a top priority, so each teacher is paediatric first aid and safeguarding qualified.
  • Our curriculum is engaging, dynamic and focused on the educational needs of our children.
  • We adopt a multicultural approach, celebrating different customs and cultures.
  • We use both English and Mandarin to teach, so that children can develop proficiency in both languages.
  • We regularly go on outdoor excursions to explore the local area and enjoy nature.

What Our Days Look Like

At our bilingual nursery in Barbican, we provide childcare for children aged between 6 months and 5 years old, tailoring each group within our nursery to their educational and developmental needs. This ensures that each child can learn at their own pace and in their own style.



Our Hatchlings are only just learning how to walk and talk, typically joining us when they are pre-mobile.We use songs, rhymes and fun to help develop their understanding of language and the world around them. We aim to help children in this group speak up to 20 words in either Chinese and English and to fine-tune their basic motor control skills, in our sensory-rich environment.

Baby Dragons


Our Baby Dragons are exploring everything around them, grasping objects and items, learning to walk and beginning to understand their environment and how to control it. We help them to develop self-awareness, and instil an understanding of risk. By the age of 2, they understand between 20-150 words, in either Chinese or English, acquired through our interactive songs, rhymes and stories.

Blue Dragons


Blue Dragons are advancing to more “academic” areas of development, focusing on language and numeracy in guided activities. Our toddlers are able to recite numbers in sequence and in writing and they have the most rapid acquisition and verbalisation of vocabulary, able to understand or speak anywhere between 250-1000 words in English or Chinese.
Blue Dragons are also advancing socially, developing a comprehension of concepts such as possession, feelings of ownership and respect, with a focus on establishing boundaries, responsibility and kindness.

Dragon Flight


Our Dragon Flight children are our oldest and most advanced, who are preparing to enter primary school. By the time they leave us, they are able to listen, understand or speak between 1000-2500 words. They have also developed numeracy skills and are able to count in sequence and recognise numerals in Chinese and English beyond 20. They can express complex concepts such as shape, space and measure, as well as understand weight, time and distance. This provides a strong foundation for solving more difficult problems.
We aim for each child to leaves us well balanced, confident and with fantastic social skills. They have an appreciation for different cultures and the world around them, respecting others and forming established friendships.

Our City nursery family

All of our teachers are warm, enthusiastic and approachable. They provide the highest quality of childcare and education, with years of experience! Meet our City nursery family!

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We offer a variety of fee options to ensure that everyone has access to our nurseries. We offer tax-free childcare, 15 and 30 hours funded places.

Where can you find us?

Shaftesbury Place, Ferroners House, Ironmongers Hall, Off Aldersgate St, London, EC2Y 8AA

020 3912 2900