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Discover our nursery in the City of London
Explore our nursery in Westminster
Explore our nursery in Canada Water
Looking for a multicultural nursery?

International Nurseries in London

We believe we can make the world a better place if we learn to see it through the eyes of others...

There is no better time to start learning a language than in the early years. Keep reading and find the international nursery in London you're looking for!
Language Learning from the Early Years

Explore our Multicultural Nurseries in London

Our nursery schools have an emphasis on developing intercultural understanding and language fluency. We are located in the heart of London, within walking distance of all of the principal commercial districts across town: Westminster, the City of London and Canary Wharf, so we can best serve the needs of the busy professional parents that we serve.

Ironmongers Hall
8:00 am - 6:30 pm from £88 / day

City of London

Our wonderful nursery is located in the heart of the City of London. This is the perfect setting for working families who need a facility close to the office.

8:00 am - 6:00 pm From £88 / day


Our Westminster nursery school is located on the grounds of the beautiful St James the Less Church, Pimlico. It is replete with playgrounds and outdoor space.

7:30 am - 6:30 pm From £77 / day

Canada Water

Our Canada Water Nursery is located on the grounds of the Lavender park nature reserve, providing on-site forest school facilities for outdoor learning.

Our Story

It all started with Cenn and Nai

Becoming a dad for the first time drove Cenn to think about what kind of early years education he would aspire to have for his children. And finding nothing that spoke to his belief in language, cultural education and global values, he set about building an educational brand that would deliver what he, and other parents like him, wanted for their children.

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Get in Touch

If you have any questions, leave us your details and we will get in touch briefly to solve any questions you might have about our international nurseries in London.


Do you love cultural activities? So do we!

We want to get our children closer to culture and prepare excursions for that purpose. For instance, we take children to see the London Symphony Orchestra. If this sounds like you, get in touch today!

Education for a new world

Unique Multicultural Programme

Learn about our educational approach and how it teaches your child about the wider world and the opportunities it presents.

Preschool class
Canada Water Baby Room Lead

“I love the fact I can give children a grounding in my own culture and help them understand the cultures of the world”


Deputy Manager