Public Sector Discounts

up to 50% off for those who keep the country running

We offer so many childcare discounts and subsidy programmes here at Hatching Dragons. Our families can secure upwards of 50% off in many instances just by thinking intelligently about how to leverage and layer your benefits to your fee package with us. So, from Workplace Nursery Schemes through to uncapped referral discounts of 5% for each family you recommend; from public sector discounts of up to 50% to low income household places that are ringfenced for those on income support, we have something for everyone

Key Facts About Our Childcare Discounts

  • Our childcare discounts are stackable, meaning that you can layer the benefit on top of each in many instances
  • Referral Childcare Discounts of 5% are applicable for every family you recommend who sign up and last for 6 months
  • You can apply your childcare discounts on top of Tax Free Childcare and any subsidies applicable to the paid for bilingual immersion programme
  • Early Years Free Entitlement (EYFE) is always processed the term your child becomes 3 – so diarise a reminder to secure your benefit
  • We have set / ring-fenced places for public sector workers and low income households as a proportion of our total availability
  • You can transfer your benefits and childcare discounts between the schools if you need to be mobile

Get in touch today to find out more about how your childcare discounts can be stacked to dramatically reduce your childcare costs.

Childcare Discount Options

Public Sector

We offer rolling childcare discounts for our friends in the public sector for looking after us so well for so long through such challenging times. If you work for the NHS, or our local councils, you can apply for our discount arrangements through this form.

Low Income

We have a limited number of set places for those on income support that maximises the savings for those who would benefit from the impact our bilingual programme offers. We, in effect, charge the places at cost. To enquire click  here 


5% off for every family that you recommend, uncapped by numbers of families. Discounts last 6 months for each referral secured so can add up to sizeable chunks off your fees if you’re a sociable convincing type. Click here for more info

Pay as you Go

Created for parents returning to work from maternity who don’t want to commit to nursery but build up their time on a more flexible arrangement, we’ve got a pay as you go model to allow you to pick and choose available sessions to build up your confidence and theirs. Find out more here

Workplace Nursery

A staff benefit in which employers pay childcare costs from gross wages of employee, reducing the taxable amount for PAYE – great for high income earners and employers who want to reduce their NICs bill. The scheme is set up and managed by Enjoy Benefits – you can find our more and register your interest here

Advanced Fees

And you can secure up to 10% childcare discounts on your fees if you pay in advance – 10% if you pay the full year in advance, 7.5% if you pay 9 months in advance, 5% if you pay 6 months in advance and 2.5% if you pay 3 months in advance. Fill our our enquiry form

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