OurYummy Food

Teaching children to have a healthy diet is an essential part of Early Years, and we do that proactively through our delicious meals!

Early childhood is a period of rapid development and good nutrition is essential not only to support children’s growth, cognitive development and behaviour, but also to introduce healthy eating habits that will last for the rest of their lives!

Key facts about our food

  • Everything is freshly cooked by our in-house chef
  • All our nurseries serve breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Our daily menus include at least five portions of fruits and vegetables
  • Children have a morning and an afternoon snack
  • We meet all diets and special requirements
  • We mainly use seasonal ingredients to reduce our carbon footprint

At Hatching Dragons, multiculturalism is one of our core values, so our meals teach children about healthy eating and new cultures. How? Every month, our menus explore a different region to introduce children to new tastes and flavours. This will get them ready to explore and appreciate the variety that London restaurants can offer!

Benefits of a multicultural diet


It introduces a rich diversity of tastes and flavours


Children learn about new places and cultures


Children become more open to trying new types of food


Food becomes a multisensory experience!

Why using mainly seasonal ingredients?

Using seasonal fruits and vegetables is great for the environment, as it reduces the carbon footprint involved in supplying out-of-season products. It’s another way to teach children to take care of our planet!

However, it’s also great for children’s nutrition. Eating seasonally supports our body’s nutritional needs according to each period of the year. For example, in winter, we get vegetables that can be used for warm foods and that have the nutrients to prevent colds. Likewise, in summer, the available fruits have the required vitamins to keep us protected against sun damage! And beyond that, seasonal veggies and fruits always taste better!

Meet Jorge, our nursery chef

Born in the Basque Country, Jorge studied Hostelry and Tourism and has worked in many restaurants and hotels. He learnt to cook with his grandma and since then, he knew his passion was in the coziness of a kitchen and for the unique feeling of sharing a meal.

After moving to Barcelona, he set up a business for school cafeterias, where he introduced ecological meals, perfectly balanced for children’s nutrition. He is passionate about nature and philosophy and finds a way to link it with his food. He loves cooking for children because they reflect pure originality and happiness!