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Happy staff = Happy families

Childcare Staff Benefits


We believe that happy staff create happy children, who create happy families.

Three Reasons to Join the Squad...

Doing Early Years Differently

We firmly believe that happy staff create happy children, who create happy families. And if we are to build on the promise that intercultural education can build global citizens of the future, we have to start with our teams to illustrate the kind of community we want to build for our children...

10% Profit Share

We don't understand why those who deliver the love, care and attention - the value of the school - don't enjoy a share of its creation. With us, staff will be guaranteed 10% of whatever they create as a profit pool to be distributed between them

Customised Staff Benefits

We don't want to determine or decide what benefits our hard working team enjoy. That's up to them. With Juno, they're given a rewards allowance every month that accrues, allowing them to purchase what they want, when they want. From holidays through to homewear, clothes and classes. We've got you covered

Workplace Nursery Scheme

For those of you who want to have children, we can't be a childcare provider and not sort you out. With our workplace nursery scheme, staff will be able to bring their children to school without having to worry about fees

Training & CPD

A commitment to your training and career progression will see you qualify and progress both professionally and intellectually. Unlimited training programmes from Educare and NDNA and a signed up member of the national apprenticeship framework gives you everything you need

Extra Holiday Days

Staff get additional holiday based on seniority within the organisation and then an additional days holiday for each year's of service up to a maximum of 5 additional outside of bank holidays and our inset days training closures throughout the year - up to 38 days paid leave equivalent

Cash Referrals & Rewards

And we want our team to be the people who sell what it's like to be part of the family. That's why we give all staff a £250 referral bonus for any introductions to qualified staff who pass probation, give them employee of the month awards for service and a post probation cash bonus of £250 for getting through the first 6 months!

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What We Believe

Our Values

At Hatching Dragons, we are a family with a diversity of backgrounds, ideas and life experiences, and we have created a supportive and inclusive environment so that all of our staff, parents and children feel welcome. We love challenges and encourage creativity! Our main goal is to make an impact not only in the Early Years industry but the world



Respect, courtesy and integrity are at the core of everything we do



We love to explore the world around us, new ideas & methods of learning.



We encourage a global mindset and celebrate diversity at every opportunity.



We use creativity in everything we do, looking for new solutions to reimagine our world



We provide a caring, safe & engaging space for children to grow and learn.



We like challenges and always aim to be the best we can with a positive attitude!
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