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Graduation 2023 & Open Day Party

Join us for our end of year community parties across all our schools where we celebrate our community, our children and put on a show case of family activities for all... 

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Come see the Squad!

The best nursery community

Bring your loved ones along and enjoy this delightful gathering. Starting at 10:00 AM, the event promises a day packed with exciting activities, entertainment, heartfelt speeches and delicious food.

So mark your calendars for our Graduation Day - Family BBQ Party and get ready for a day of celebration, laughter and scrumptious food. We can't wait to see you there!

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Hatching Dragons

A Good School With a Glowing Report

We’re proud that Ofsted recognises how Hatching Dragons’ excellent management system allows us to provide quality education and countless opportunities for learning and development for each and every one of our children. The official document also highlights how our dragons always have a great attitude towards learning – all whilst under the supervision of our great team!

Here are some key points from the report:

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Quality of Education

The report notes that “children’s communication and language are promoted well” at Hatching Dragons as “staff provide a range of activities to support children to meet their next steps in development”. We’re quite certain that this is down to the fact that “staff receive training and professional development opportunities, which has had a positive impact on them delivering a good curriculum”.

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Behaviour and Attitudes

Our children are at the heart of everything we do. Resultantly, you, as a parent, will be pleased to know that the report not only highlighted that our brilliant children are “keen and energetic to learn”, but they are also “well behaved, calm and respectful towards their friends”. We know this is because we teach the importance of various Chinese values throughout the year, such as ‘孝 Respect’ and ‘义 Doing Right’.

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Our Super-Team

At Hatching Dragons, “staff act as good role models for the children”. As a result of their tremendous work, “new children develop secure attachments with their key person as settling in systems are effective. Children demonstrate that they feel secure and safe. They are happy and form close bonds with staff”. We also ensure that “children with special educational needs and/or disabilities and their families are very well supported”.

In our Community,

Parents Matter

The Hatching Dragons community is influenced significantly, and rightfully, by our families – particularly parents like yourself. This is why managers and staff have worked hard to build “strong relationships with parents” as the feedback we receive from mums and dads is invaluable and continuously aids us in progressing towards our goal of providing an outstanding service overall.

We’re thrilled that the report found that “Parents are very happy with the communication and support provided by the key person about their children’s development. They are impressed by the opportunity their children have to learn a different language, such as Mandarin.”

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