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Pay in Advance - Discounting childcare

Pay in advance - childcare discounts

at Hatching Dragons

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There are a number of ways that you can reduce your overall childcare fees here at Hatching Dragons that can help with the Cost of Living. From Workplace Nursery Schemes through to Public Sector Discounts; from Early Years Free Entitlement Funding for 3-5 yr olds through to Tax Free Childcare; from uncapped refer a friend discounts of 5% off for every family you recommend who joins us through to low income household sessional provision - we have something for everyone who wants to reduce the cost of childcare.

Because, whilst childcare might be really expensive to run and provide, we feel that if we think intelligently about how we can structure things to maximise benefits to our staff, parents and children, we can do things differently and provide the social service that families need for a cost that is more manageable for households in London and the South East.

Advanced Fee Payments

One such way is for families who are more liquid than not to pay their fees termly and in advance. You might have secured a bonus, or received a tax rebate that has given you surplus cash for you to use. And if you find yourself in that lucky position, you might want to reduce your overall childcare costs by paying in advance. We offer

  • 2.5% discount if you pay 3 months in advance
  • 5% discount if you pay 6 months in advance
  • 7.5% discount if you pay 9 months in advance
  • 10% discount if you pay 12 months in advance

Don't worry, it doesn't "lock you in" - if you move house or jobs and find our nursery is no longer convenient for you and that you have leave, you'll find that we'll just adjust down the discount applicable to the period that you did pay in advance for and then refund you the balance, along with your placement deposit. 

Stacking the Benefit

Many of our discounts and subsidies can be "stacked" or layered i.e taken at the same time to maximise your childcare discount benefits to dramatically reduce your childcare costs payable. So you can pay in advance whilst also securing the Early Years Free Entitlement payments if you're paying for the Mandarin bilingual immersion model as an extra to the funded hours you receive. You can secure an advanced fee discount and still secure the benefits of the uncapped 5% referral discount that you will receive if you bring your friends to join the nursery. And if you have secured these discounts and have managed to convince your employer to provide you with a Workplace Nursery Scheme as a staff benefit, we will only use the discounted fees for your employer to use as the salary sacrifice to reduce your income tax due. Lots of options for families to reduce the costs of childcare!

Register your Interest for Advanced Fees Now