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Fun and Easy Arctic Animal Crafts

Get ready for a wild adventure with these fun and easy Arctic animal crafts perfect for preschoolers! From fluffy polar bears to playful penguins, your little ones will love learning about the icy wonders of the Arctic while getting creative with their hands. This blog post outlines some exciting and educational craft ideas that will engage and entertain your preschoolers for hours.

Discover the Arctic: Introduce preschoolers to the wonders of the Arctic

Welcome to the magical world of the Arctic! In this section, we will introduce preschoolers to the wonders of the Arctic and all its fascinating features. From the freezing temperatures to the vast icy landscapes, the Arctic is home to some incredible animals and natural phenomena.

Preschoolers will learn about the Arctic through interactive activities and engaging discussions. We will talk about the unique climate, the polar ice caps, and the amazing adaptations of Arctic animals to survive in such extreme conditions. Through fun games and storytelling, your little ones will gain a deeper understanding of this remarkable region and the importance of preserving its fragile ecosystem.

By the end of this section, preschoolers will be excited and eager to explore more about the Arctic and its fascinating inhabitants!

The Runaway IcebergThe Runaway Iceberg - The story unfolds as a mischievous polar bear cub accidentally sets the iceberg free, sending it floating into the vast Arctic ocean. With the help of their animal friends, including playful penguins and majestic narwhals, the characters embark on a daring adventure to bring the iceberg back home. Purchase here.

The Ugly Duckling-1The Ugly Duckling / 丑小鸭 - Hans Christian Andersson fairy tales are original, rather than ancient stories and there are lots of illustrated version of his tales so you won't have trouble finding any at your library. Caldecott award recipient, Pickney's illustrations of an ugly ducking who grows up to be a beautiful swan are gorgeous. Purchase here

Jakes First DayJake's First Day - In this heartwarming story, Jake, a curious little polar bear cub, embarks on his first adventure in the Arctic. Join Jake as he explores the vast icy landscapes, encounters playful penguins and majestic narwhals, and learns valuable lessons about friendship and bravery. Purchase here.



Crafty Polar Bears: Create adorable polar bear crafts using simple home made materials


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Let's dive into the world of polar bears! In this section, we will teach you how to have a blast in creating adorable polar bear crafts using simple materials. These crafts are not only fun to make but also help develop fine motor skills and creativity.

Using cotton simple mixture of water and plain flower create a batter. For this craft we will also need a fork, some cut outs of the newspaper or magazine (grab it at the station on your way back), middle part of the kitchen roll  and some googly eyes (or just be creative and draw them yourself)! Children will be super excited creating their very own 'organic' craft of polar bears!



Playful Penguins: Dive into the world of penguins with these fun crafts

Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 17.56.29Get ready to waddle into the world of penguins! This wonderful activity will not only teach the children of the colour pallet and its changes throughout creative process but will also provide foundation for learning of simple anatomy, symmetry, contrast and cause and effect. 

You will need a piece of paper (ideally black or any other darker colour), cut out penguins body parts such as beak, eyes, wings and feet. Whilst cutting the body parts gets as creative as you like and allow your child to lead whilst experimenting with the colour pallet - it will only be more fun! You will also need while paint for this craft.

Once you are all set and ready for your resources fold the paper in half then once open add some paint in the middle; fold it and let your child to use their hands to spread the paint! Whilst the paint is still wet add precut body parts to create a wonderful penguin! 

Majestic Narwhals: Learn about the unicorn of the sea and make a narwhal craft

Let's dive deep into the ocean to discover the majestic narwhals! Preschoolers will be fascinated to learn about theseScreenshot 2023-12-30 at 18.06.07 mythical creatures and create their own narwhal craft.

Fun facts:  Narwhals' tusk is actually a one big tooth! Narwhals change colour as they age! 

Using paper plates, construction paper, and markers, preschoolers can create a narwhal with a long, spiraled tusk. They can decorate the narwhal with different colors and patterns, adding their own creative flair. Through this craft, preschoolers will learn about the unique features of narwhals and their importance in the Arctic ecosystem.

Encourage preschoolers to share interesting facts about narwhals as they create their crafts. They can discuss how narwhals use their tusks, their diet, and their habitat. This hands-on activity will not only spark their creativity but also enhance their knowledge about Arctic animals.

Whimsical Walruses: Get creative with walrus-themed crafts and learn interesting facts

Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 18.13.20Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 18.13.44Let's explore the world of whimsical walruses! Preschoolers will have a blast getting creative with walrus-themed crafts while learning interesting facts about these fascinating creatures.

Using paper cups, construction paper, and paint or markers, get creative with yout own walrus craft. You can cut out the shapes for the body, flippers, and tusks, and then glue them onto the paper cup. You can use paint or markers to add details and create a cute and friendly walrus.

While creating the walrus crafts, children can learn about the unique features of walruses. This hands-on activity will not only ignite their creativity but also provide valuable insights into the lives of these incredible Arctic animals.