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WimbleWimbledon Tennis Tournament: A Fun Guide for Preschoolers

What is Wimbledon?

Hello, little friends! Have you ever heard of a very special event called the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament? It’s a big tennis competition that happens every year in London as one of the country's pre-eminent sports Festivals, where some of the best tennis players in the world come to play. Wimbledon is famous for its green grass courts and the rule that players must wear all white. It’s a very exciting time for people who love tennis!

Why is Wimbledon Special?

Wimbledon is special because it’s one of the oldest and most famous tennis tournaments in the world. It started a long time ago, in 1877! People from all over the world watch the matches to see who will win the big shiny trophies. Watching Wimbledon can be a lot of fun, and it can also inspire us to play tennis and learn new skills.

Learning Tennis Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing tennis helps us develop something very important called hand-eye coordination. This means our eyes and hands work together to hit the ball with the racket. Let’s explore some fun activities we can do at nursery school to improve our hand-eye coordination and learn some basic tennis skills!

Fun Sports Activities for Preschoolers

1. Balloon Tennis

  • Materials: Balloons, paper plates, craft sticks, and tape.
  • Activity: Make rackets by taping craft sticks to paper plates. Blow up a balloon and use the rackets to hit the balloon back and forth with a friend. This helps us practice hitting a moving target and improves our coordination.

2. Ball Tossing

  • Materials: Soft balls or bean bags.
  • Activity: Stand in a circle with your friends and gently toss the ball or bean bag to each other. Try to catch it with both hands. This helps us learn to watch the ball and react quickly.

3. Target Practice

  • Materials: Hula hoops or chalk to draw circles on the ground, soft balls.
  • Activity: Place the hula hoops on the ground or draw circles with chalk. Stand a little distance away and try to throw the ball into the targets. This helps us aim and improves our accuracy.

4. Racket and Ball Balance

  • Materials: Small rackets or paddles, soft balls or bean bags.
  • Activity: Hold the racket in one hand and try to balance the ball or bean bag on it while walking around. This helps us get used to holding a racket and controlling the ball.

5. Follow the Leader

  • Materials: Soft balls, cones or markers.
  • Activity: Set up cones or markers in a line. One person is the leader and dribbles the ball around the cones with their hand. The other children follow and try to do the same. This helps us practice moving with the ball and following directions.


The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is a fun and exciting event that can inspire us to play tennis and learn new skills. By trying out these fun activities, we can improve our hand-eye coordination, learn to hit the ball, and have lots of fun with our friends. So, let’s get moving and enjoy some tennis fun, just like the players at Wimbledon!

Happy playing and learning, little tennis stars! 🎾