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Recycling Old Crayons- Personalised Gifts



Next time you have a bunch of old crayons laying around, that may be broken to pieces and on their way to bin, try putting them aside and saving them for our up-cycling crayon craft!  The children really enjoy watching their old things turn into something new and improved and giving it a new life! This craft explores many areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage for all stages such as Mathematics-exploring quantities, Literacy- mark making and recognising letters, Personal, Social and Emotional- being proud of what they have created or gifting their craft to someone special, Understanding of the World- observing changes in consistency, etc… All this activity requires is:

• a silicone alphabet mould (we bought ours here)

• crayons

• a baking tray

• an oven

The first step to this super fun and exciting craft is making sure that all your crayon pieces are small enough to pack into each letter mould, you can do this by snapping them up in your hands, bashing with a strong tool, blending etc.

Once this is done, it’s time to start arranging the crayon pieces into the mould. This is where you can get as creative as you like! Think about whether you would like your letters to be all the same colour or follow a colour theme? The important thing is that you pack the mould as much as you can, avoiding little gaps of space. This is so the crayons come out the oven nice and thick after melting. If they are too thin they could snap when taking them out of the mould. 

Whilst you are filling the mould, you need to preheat your oven to 180°C, Gas mark 4. When putting your crayons into the oven, make sure you put the mould on top of a baking tray. This part will need an adult.

Let your crayons melt in the oven for 5-8 minutes. Once this is done, carefully remove the mould from the oven ( keeping it on the baking tray) and allow to cool for up to 20 minutes. The melted wax is very hot so let them dry somewhere safe and out of reach. 

Now the crayons should be ready to released from the mould. Take your time doing this and do it with a gentle hand, loosening the edges around each letter by pulling on the silicone, AND VOILA!