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Introducing...Pay as you Go Childcare

pay-as-you-go-childcare-and-nursery-hatching-dragonsLife can be manic...

And it's at those times when you might need a breather. Which is why we've come up with the solution for busy parents who aren't ready to commit to full time childcare...just yet. 

Maternity Leavers

You might be someone who is on maternity leave. You've loved your time at home with baby but it's flying by and you're getting those irritating messages from HR asking you to confirm your Keeping in Touch days. You have to be seen to be heard and you're anxious about having to step back, let someone else look after your little one, even if it is just for the morning. Or you might be chomping at the bit to get back to work but want to settle you and your child gradually so that both of you are comfortable with the idea of third party help and nursery provision for when you need to make the move. Or you might be being told by HR that you need to come back to the office - you have to be there so your manager can see you're part of the team and you need something near by that allows you to commit for the full day at the office and not step back early, so your colleagues and line manager don't nay say your work ethic (as if they know what parenting is like!)

Pay as you Go

That's why we wanted to offer single sessions out to families who need it. You can book directly through Pebble, our booking partner, for any available morning or afternoon sessions that we upload to their system each rolling week. It doesn't guarantee you the same slot or the provision of care on a set / regular pattern - only joining the school can do that - but it will give you a soft landing as to what nursery care would be like should you want to go fuller time. No deposit needed, just a payment in advance for the session you need and you're away. Simple, flexible and suited to your needs. Get in touch today to find out more