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November's Charity Partner: Help For Heroes

November's Charity Partner: Help for Heroes

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As many of you know, the month of November is awash with International festivals, which we use as fantastic scaffolding for our preschool children's educational programming. The trick is to see the theme that is consistent between what might be happening in the month - take a look at our blog post on the cultural programme here. The overarching theme here is one of peace, tolerance and respect to avoid the horrors of war. Armistice is surely the definitive observance of what happens when we, as individuals and societies, forget about those guiding principals. 

Over the course of the month, the children's activities and stories will be focussed in and around these concepts, looking at soldiery and society to understand duty and sacrifice amongst other things. To help our children contextualise this knowledge, we always try to reach out to charities and / or institutions in our community who share our mission and specialise in the specific areas that we are interrogating with our preschool curriculum. Our intention is for these charities to attend the schools throughout the month to participate in activities that help teach the children about the theme from their own personal experiences, which is much more valuable than just one of us teaching the children via a story! And in doing so, we hope to give back to those charities just as we do with our other public sector employee benefits, nhs staff benefits and other ways to support those who help us

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Armistice: Help for Heroes

And this month, we had to partner with Help for Heroes, a charity that focusses on helping military personnel reacclimatise to society after their time in the armed services - preparing them and their families for peace. It's a hugely important mission and one that I think we should all support this month and have set ourselves a fundraising target of £1000 for the charity

We should be expecting soldiers from Finsbury Barracks of the Royal Artillery Regiment and the London Guards to be coming to our schools to talk to the children about soldiering and why it's important. And of course, they will be giving a presentation to any families who'd like to book in for the month end celebration where the children will be showcasing all that they've learnt over the course of the month

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