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Ideas for Halloween: 5 Fun Activities for Children

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays. It is the perfect excuse for dressing up, eating sweets and being creative! Witches, cats, bats and ghosts adorn everywhere, creating a spooky, yet exciting atmosphere! To help you make the most of this Halloween, we have put together five fun activities to keep you entertained in Early Years Education

1. Pumpkin Carving

Halloween would not be the same without pumpkins. Pumpkin carving is a classic activity and with adult supervision, your children will love it! First, let your child draw a face on the pumpkin, the larger the design, the easier it will be to cut out. We suggest leaving the actual cutting to an adult but scooping out the pulp is great fun for everyone!

In addition, the pulp can be used to make delicious recipes!

2. Scavenger Hunt

This year, trick or treat may not be possible. Therefore, create a scavenger hunt inside of your home. Just as you would hide Easter eggs, hide Halloween themed treats for your child to find! It’s guaranteed to be just as amusing! For ideas on clues, see here

3. Healthy Treats

The sweeties are arguably the best part of Halloween. However, if you are looking for a nutritious alternative, we recommend decorating fruit! You can use chocolate chips to decorate bananas, making spooky banana ghosts. Simple, sweet and one of their five a day! Satsumas are easy to customise too, you can use a pen to draw on their skin, transforming them into pumpkins

4. Make Slime

Looking for a fun sensory play activity? Slime is surprisingly easy to make! You will need three common household items: glue, contact lens solution and bicarbonate of soda. It is important to note that a saline solution will not work as well as a branded contact solution. Then, add food colouring and glitter to customise your slime!

5. Put on a Show

Did you know that Halloween customs differ from country to country? For example, in Scotland and Ireland it is traditional for children to perform for the household that is giving them sweets! This is one of the most exciting parts of Halloween as preparing a joke, a song or dance is both entertaining and amusing. At Hatching Dragons, we have prepared a Halloween song for children to practise. For extra flair, dress up in Halloween costumes and decorate the living room with Halloween decorations. 



We hope that you will enjoy these activities and have a fantastic Halloween! If you would like to join us for even more fun, stay up to date with our events here: