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Home schooling: A Temporary Solution?

As lockdown eases and the Prime Minister encourages children to return to school, parents are facing a new dilemma in their Parenting quest to become the best they can be. Should they send them back or keep balancing working from home alongside childcare and education?

Perhaps you still have concerns about the spread of the virus, your kids live in a multigenerational household with higher risk people, or lockdown has just given you an insight into the benefits of online learning and homeschooling.

Whatever the reasoning, you’re not alone with increasing numbers of parents considering homeschooling as a legitimate education option. Today we’ll look at some of the main pros and cons of homeschooling and discuss whether this could be a temporary solution for your child.

It limits human contact and the spread of the virus

Risk to children is minimal and schools will be implementing strict to COVID-19 protocols. But choosing to homeschool your child will certainly mean contact with fewer people and thereby limit their risk. So, it’s certainly an option worth considering if there are vulnerable people in your household.

BUT whether or not you choose to send your child back to a school setting, they’ll need to have some contact with their peers. Sure, this can be done online via zoom calls and online platforms. However, this virus is here to stay so you’ll have to let your child physically interact with their friends. When you feel ready try to find some fun ways for the little ones understand the concept of social distancing.


Being able to set your child’s schedule means you won’t be restricted by school timetables. You’ll no longer need to stress about the chaotic school run each morning. It also means you can change your child’s study and play schedules according to their comfort.

BUT maintaining some routine will be essential in terms of discipline and when it comes to making sure your little ones cover the necessary learning objectives.

Saves Time (Which Can Be Used More Productively)

Linked to this, homeschooling saves time as it means you don’t have to worry about physically getting the kids to and from school. The time saved can be used more productively. Either in terms of learning or in allowing your child to partake in extracurricular pursuits like music or physical activities.

BUT the journeys to and from school can also be used productively. You can use this time to bond with your child and catch up on how their school day went.

More One-On-One Attention and A Tailored Learning Experience

In a traditional classroom situation, a teacher has to divide their attention equally between a number of children, whereas at home you can focus solely on your child. You are more likely to be able to help them immediately. It’ll therefore be easier for you to gauge where they are struggling and spend more time on a subject, if necessary.

BUT homeschooling can put a lot of pressure on parents who aren’t necessarily qualified to teach. This may stand in the way of your child receiving the quality education that a trained teacher could provide. This is not to say you won’t be able to teach your child at all. you will need to understand that homeschooling will require lots of patience.

With the availability of online resources, homeschooling is certainly an option that parents will be considering, especially with uncertain times ahead. While homeschooling certainly has its advantages, it is not for everyone. Consider if you as a parent have the time, patience and inclination to truly pursue homeschooling before venturing down this path, even on a temporary basis.

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