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The Power of Weekend School

At Hatching Dragons, we know how hard you work as a parent. As a result, we think you deserve a few extra hours of “me time” during the week. Enter the Hatching Dragons Weekend School, a unique opportunity offering Saturday morning childcare for 3 to 10-year-olds. Securing a place for your child in our Weekend School opens up a world of possibilities. You’ll gain precious moments to recharge and have the freedom to get on with the things that you want to do on the weekend, whilst also providing your child with a remarkable array of benefits that extend well beyond traditional weekday schooling. Let's explore the ways in which joining our Weekend School can be beneficial to both you and your child.


Benefits For You

Uninterrupted Moments

Hatching Dragons Weekend School grants you uninterrupted pockets of time where you can focus on yourself. Whether it's reading a book, practicing yoga or indulging in a creative pursuit, these moments are precious, rejuvenating and well-deserved after a long week.


Quality Self-Care Time

Taking care of your own well-being is paramount. Our Weekend School provides a platform to prioritise self-care. You can finally indulge in that spa session, leisurely stroll or even catch up on some much-needed sleep knowing your child is in a nurturing and safe environment within a Hatching Dragons school.


Strengthening Relationships

Time away from parenting responsibilities allows you to nurture your relationships, whether it's spending quality moments with your partner, connecting with friends over a coffee or simply enjoying your own company. This balance can enhance your emotional well-being and strengthen your support system.


Pursuing Professional Goals

We know that for many parents, the weekend can also be a golden opportunity to focus on career advancement or side projects that often take a back seat during the busy workweek. With your child engaged in Weekend School, you’ll have the time to channel your energy into professional pursuits.

Benefits For Your Child

Optimal Learning Window

Did you know that the morning hours are often when children are most alert and receptive to learning? By hosting our Weekend School from 9AM to 12:30PM, we capitalise on this optimal learning window, ensuring that your child is engaged and eager to absorb new concepts and skills.


Excellent Tailored Curriculum

Our Weekend School curriculum is thoughtfully tailored to provide a mix of educational and recreational activities. Our children are free to explore their interests and discover hidden talents through a variety of subjects ranging from mandarin to science, art and physical activities, all working to enhance their overall development. This early exposure can provide valuable guidance towards future academic and extracurricular pursuits.


Reduced Stress and Pressure

Unlike a regular full school day, Hatching Dragons Weekend School ensures a shorter, more focused session. This reduces the potential for stress and burnout that can sometimes result from long school days. All of our children can therefore engage wholeheartedly in activities, knowing that they have the rest of the day to relax.


Valuable Social Interactions

Our Weekend School fosters an environment for children to interact with peers beyond their regular school setting. These interactions promote social skills and cooperation – allowing children to build friendships whilst engaging in fun activities that pique their interests.


A Benefit For the Whole Family

Convenient School Locations

The central locations of our Weekend Schools makes them accessible to families all across the city. This eliminates the need for extensive commuting to ensure that your family can maximise their time together. Our convenient locations also grant you the opportunity to easily hop on a train or bus to visit the various attractions that central London has to offer for a fun family lunchtime outing after Weekend School.



In conclusion, the benefits of Hatching Dragons Weekend School are numerous and impactful, forming a win-win for both you and your child. Placing your child in our Weekend School isn't just about their growth and development; it's also about nurturing your own well-being. By carving out moments for yourself, you're embracing a well-deserved break that can lead to personal growth and improved relationships. Our Weekend School therefore allows you to invest in yourself as well as your child's happiness, development and academic success too.


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