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December: Festive Family Fun!

The festive season is upon us! A time to celebrate family, friends and all the things around us that bring joy to our lives. It is a time for giving, whether that be gifts, donations to charity or your time. Perhaps you will reflect? Pause and think about what have you achieved, what you have experienced and what will 2023 look like to you next year? Recognise your own wellness is important a

nd enjoy the festive season. A lot of the time, I think we can agree that this time of year can be difficult for a list of reasons. One of the many being, How to balance the costs? New survey findings from Action for Children highlight that “53% of parents have worried so much about money in the last 6 months that

it is impacting their sleep, mental health and as a result, their tempers with their children”. So here at Hatching Dragons, we take these factors into account and want to provide your children with activities to support their early years development but also give parents quick, easy cheap/affordable ideas to do at home!

Affordable activities to do with your children during the festive period:

  • Shaving foam messy play. Can you make a snowman?
  • Cutting and Sticking snowflake craft. Great for developing fine motor skills and exploring shapes.
  • Salt doughplay dough and cloud dough. Click for the recipe and list of ingredients. Can you model your own nativity scene?
  • Sing and Dance to Christmas songs.
  •  Go through old unwanted toys and take them to a charity? For more information on giving to those less fortune and to find out about how you can make a difference to a child in need this Christmas, why not check Operation Christmas Child-a charity ran by the Samaritan’s Purse UK.

    These activities are great for when the weather outside is frightful but also, why not wrap up warm and bring the fun outdoors?