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Olympic Sports Activities for Kids to Enjoy at Home

As we approach the beginning of the Olympics, all eyes are on the top athletes from around the world. With a grand total of 339 events across 33 sports, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a fan of gymnastics, running or rowing, the opportunity to watch the most talented and disciplined competitors across each discipline is not one to miss in Early Years Education. This year will even be the first to contain skateboarding, karate, sport climbing and surfing. 

The event may be taking place far away in Tokyo, but we believe it is the perfect time to introduce your children to new sports, to encourage them to stay active and healthy and to learn about the importance of teamwork. Today, we are recommending our favourite activities that you can do, to have your very own Olympic games!

Our Top Olympic Activities for Kids

1. Learn All About Japan

There will be a grand total of 11,500 athletes participating in Japan, representing 206 countries. Due to the diversity of nationalities and ethnicities that will each be present, it is a fantastic time to educate on inclusivity and learn about different cultures, starting with the host country. There are many children’s books set in Japan that will introduce your child to elements of Japanese history, several customs and parts of the culture. For a comprehensive list, see here. 

In addition, why not try to make a tasty Japanese dish together, such as child friendly sushi or learn all about the Japanese art of origami, by making these beautiful paper birds. 

2. Create Your Own Olympic Torch

The olympic torch is a key element of the games, symbolising peace, friendship, hope and tolerance and unifying the ancient games with the new, modern ones. It is first lit in a basin in Greece and then carried around the world, to the host country. To make your own olympic torch, see here. You just need a tube, tissue paper and scissors.

3. Hold Your Own Sports Day

There are many fun activities that you can do with only a few props at either a local park or in a back garden if you have one. Our favourite is an obstacle course. Place hoops, cones or any objects you have on the floor and create an inventive way to manoeuvre them. Then, time your children on who can complete the course the fastest. Running races, wheelbarrow races, egg and spoon races are all great activities that you can also use! 

4. Make Medals

To ensure that the winners of your sports day are celebrated in the correct, honourable fashion, we recommend having medals to hand. You can make medals using salt dough and bronze, silver and gold paint, with an added ribbon! Creating the salt dough is a fun sensory activity, involving multiple textures which are sure to engage your child. Painting them is also great fun, and you can add any designs you wish, including the five olympic rings.

When awarding medals, be sure to play the national anthem and have your child stand on an elevated surface to recreate a podium! To learn the lyrics of the British anthem, see here.


Overall, we hope you have a lot of fun enjoying these olympic activities for kids! If you would like to join us in person for fun events, we host a variety of playgroups, such as messy Mondays and Mandarin Music sessions. For more information, see here: