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Why Mandarin Chinese is the Language of the Future

As the world becomes more globalised, we see increasing numbers of people choosing to raise bilingual children. There are many benefits to having knowledge of more than one Language, no matter what those may be. That said, there are some that have more advantages than others. Chinese Mandarin may not be the easiest to learn. However, it is clear that it is becoming the language of the future. So having your children learn it from a young age is setting them up for a bright future. And here is why:

China is a Global Economic Powerhouse

China is currently the world’s second-largest economy behind the USA. As such, the rest of the world will have to be ready to work with this economic superpower in the very near future, if they aren’t already doing so. Whether you’re living in European metropolis or a small town in rural Africa, everyone is likely going to have to deal with China at some point.

And Mandarin is the Most Widely Spoken Language in the World

It is estimated that over 1.2 billion people are native Mandarin speakers! That is around 20 percent of the world’s population making it the world’s most widely spoken language. Having a child complete a bilingual education in both English and Mandarin will enable them to potentially communicate with close to half the world’s population. You can’t go wrong with that, now can you?

Speaking Mandarin Will Allow A Child To Stand Out From The Crowd

Of course, if you’re child is only starting nursery school it might be too soon to think about university. But the truth is admission into the best tertiary institutions set a person up for life. With fierce competition for places at the best universities, applicants face the challenge of standing out from their peers. While almost all high school graduates in the UK will have completed studies in a modern European language such as French, German or Spanish, being able to list a language like Mandarin on an application will certainly set them apart.

Mandarin Language Skills Improves A Person’s Opportunities For Career Progression

Looking even further into a child’s future, being bilingual will open up career opportunities. Regardless of the career path, a person pursues, being able to communicate in more than one language is beneficial. In fields as diverse as education, healthcare, diplomacy, tourism and international business, candidates who speak a second language are likely to be favoured. Not to mention the fact that speaking a foreign language could be the difference from a person being eligible for a particular job or missing out on it entirely.

Learning Mandarin Has Wider Educational Benefits

Beyond just the benefits of learning the language itself, scientific studies have shown that learning Mandarin has wider benefits. For example, there is a correlation between language fluency and improved mathematical ability. In addition, it benefits overall cognitive development and problem-solving.

Language learning, especially among children, has a range of multi-faceted benefits for many aspects of their future. Giving your child the opportunity to study Mandarin from a young age is likely to have huge benefits when it comes to their education, career prospects and general development.

If you are keen to give your child a head start in life consider a bilingual education at a Hatching Dragons Nursery. To learn more about us, see here: