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Welcome from our Founder - an Introduction to Hatching Dragons

Welcome to Hatching Dragons

Hatching Dragons was born out of an idea that we can and should aspire to do so much more for our children. I started this journey first as a parent - like many of you, childcare is and was a necessity for me. But, like many of you, I couldn’t help but feel that so many of the schools I saw lacked something. And having lived in China for much of my adult life, that something was an educational ethos that not only taught children material skills that would have a long-lasting impact on their futures, but embedded it in a truly internationalised pedagogy that fostered the kind of intercultural understanding and excitement about the wider world that I wanted my children to share.

Hatching Dragons is my expression of that intent. We offer full bilingual immersion in Chinese and English at all of our current schools across the City of London, Westminster and Canada Water to develop technical fluencies in languages that matter to a child’s future. And our intercultural curriculum investigates the people, cultures, landscapes, animals and activities of a specific region each month to foster a sense of excitement about the wider world, the opportunities and challenges within it and what we can do to change it for the better, embedding this international learning with the kind of values an increasingly polarised world needs more of if we are to stand a chance of relearning those qualities that once bound us together: courtesy, consideration, compassion and conviction. I want our children to be strong in their hearts, strong in their heads, and strong in their bodies to lead lives of impact and intent.

And there is no better time to start: the early years is the time that we can hope to achieve the most lasting impact on a child’s sense of self, purpose and identity and capability. If we get it right, I genuinely believe we can change the way that they perceive the world and the people within it for the better. So if you share those beliefs and that ambition, come join us!

Cenn John, Founder of Hatching Dragons