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Sharing Profits with Childcare Staff

Doing Early Years differently for Childcare Staff

I’m thrilled to announce a new, and rather unique staff benefit, here at Hatching Dragons. I’ve never understood why those who deliver the real value in nursery education are separated from the profits generated from their hard work. And so after some time, negotiating with our board directors and shareholders, I’m happy to announce that we will now be distributing 10% of the schools profits to the staff teams as an annual bonus package. 

We are intending for the profit share to be allocated based on:

  • Individual Performance - how well the individual staffer is performing in the school, as determined by:
    • Goals set and achieved in BambooHR (or HR system);
    • Training programmes completed over the period as mapped in bambooHR
    • The frequency and quality of feedback given during your quarterly reviews in BambooHR
    • The rating received from your colleagues during quarterly peer reviews issued by BambooHR
    • Managerial assessments given by your line manager in BambooHR and
    • Task lists completed on workast (our task management platform)
    • Engagement with the school's social media and company newsletters
    • Attendance & Punctuality - who has been on time, supportive and a present help to the team
  • Room performance:
    • room occupancy - with a target of 85%<
    • Customer feedback - parental show around and customer feedback of 85%<
    • Quality assurance consultant assessments that you're achieving good-outstandin
  •  Seniority & Tenure - what role you have within the organisation and how long you have been with us
Point is that if you work hard and do well, your bonus will reflect it. If that sounds like the kind of school you want to be a part of, spread the word.