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Plastic Free July: A Preschool Guide to Helping Our Planet

What is Plastic Free July?

Hello, little friends! Have you ever seen plastic bottles, bags, or straws? These items are called plastics, and while they can be very useful, they can also cause problems for our planet. Every year, people all around the world celebrate something called Plastic Free July. It's a special time to learn about how we can use less plastic and help keep our Earth clean and healthy. Let's find out more about Plastic Free July and why it's so important!

A Journey to the Past: The History of Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July started in 2011 in Australia with just a few people who wanted to make a big difference. They decided to try and use less plastic for one whole month. Their idea was so good that it quickly spread to many other countries, including the UK. Now, millions of people take part in Plastic Free July every year as one of the many Festivals that celebrates environmentally friendly actions. It's a time when we all work together to find ways to use less plastic and help take care of our planet.

Why is Plastic Free July Important?

Plastic Free July is important because it helps us think about how much plastic we use and how we can use less of it. Plastics, especially single-use plastics like straws, bags, and bottles, can end up in our oceans and on our land, where they can harm animals and the environment. By using less plastic, we can help keep our planet clean and safe for everyone.

What Can We Learn from Plastic Free July?

Even though we're preschoolers, there are many important lessons we can learn from Plastic Free July that help us take care of our planet.

1. Caring for the Earth: Just like how we take care of our toys and our friends, it's important to take care of our planet. This means keeping it clean and healthy.

2. Reducing Waste: We can learn to use less plastic and find other materials that are better for the environment, like cloth bags or reusable bottles.

3. Recycling: Recycling means turning old things into new things. It's a fun way to help the planet by making sure plastic and other materials get used again instead of thrown away.

4. Helping Animals: By using less plastic, we can help keep animals safe. Many animals, especially those in the ocean, can get hurt by plastic waste.


Fun Ways to Celebrate Plastic Free July

There are lots of fun and simple ways we can celebrate Plastic Free July and learn how to take care of our planet!

  • Craft Time: Make art projects using recyclable materials like paper and cardboard instead of plastic. You can create fun things like animals, flowers, or even robots!
  • Reusable Bags: Help your family use cloth bags when you go shopping instead of plastic ones. You can even decorate your own reusable bag with markers and stickers.
  • Story Time: Read books or watch videos about the ocean and how we can keep it clean. There are many stories about sea creatures and their adventures that teach us about the importance of a clean environment.
  • Water Bottles: Use a special reusable water bottle instead of plastic ones. You can put stickers on it to make it your own!


Plastic Free July is a wonderful time to learn about how we can help our planet by using less plastic. It's a chance to think about the choices we make every day and how we can do better for our Earth. By caring for the environment, reducing waste, recycling, and helping animals, we can make a big difference. So, let's celebrate Plastic Free July and remember that even small changes can help keep our planet clean and healthy for everyone.

Happy learning and helping the planet, little friends! 🌍