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May Day: Our Cultural Festival


Flower crafts: Help children make flower crowns or simple paper flowers to celebrate the beauty of spring. Encourage them to use their imagination and creativity to make their own unique creations.

Nature walks: Take children on a nature walk to explore the new growth and changes happening in the environment. Point out different flowers, plants, and trees and talk about their characteristics and how they contribute to the ecosystem.

Dance and music: Teach children simple Maypole dances or have a sing-along with songs about spring and nature. This can be a fun way to get them moving and engaged in the celebration.

Picnic: Plan a May Day picnic with healthy snacks and drinks, such as fresh fruit and vegetable sticks. Enjoy the outdoors with games and activities that encourage cooperation and teamwork.

Play Activity / Opportunities

May Day Jingle Sticks Making bell sticks from sticks found in nature and adding bells using ribbons. (EAD, UW)
Vibrant Floral Head Crown Making floral crowns using wire and flowers. (EAD, PD,)
Rainbow Blowers Making blowers from loo rolls and ribbons. (EAD, UW, C&L)

May-pole Dance Dancing around the May Pole with Ribbons (PD, UW, C&L)

Maypole Dance
Parachute Game Various games using the parachute and balls. (UW, PD, PSED)

May-day-colouring Colouring in sheets depicting May Day events such as Pole Dancing and Morris Dancers (EAD, UW, C&L)

May day powerpoint Powerpoint presentation that explains the history of May Day and the cultural traditions around it (UW, L)

Good Morning Lords and Ladies

Wǔ yuè五月May
xiǎng líng响铃 Jingle bells