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Children's Christmas Recipes

From brussel sprouts and turkey to mince pies, Christmas is a time of strong food traditions. This time of year brings the family together to enjoy some old classics, such as a delicious christmas pudding, and even some less popular dishes such as the humble, roasted parsnip. There really is something for everyone at Christmas dinner, including toddlers and preschoolers. However, some recipes may need adapting to their young palettes. Today, we will be sharing our favourite Christmas recipes that are sure to win their hearts!

A Dashing Start

​​Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when your schedule is jam-packed with presents, Christmas movies and relatives, you will need the fuel! As tempting as it is to finish all the tasty treats in your stocking before noon, a delicious pancake could be the right answer to a substantial sweet treat. We recommend this recipe from BBC Goodfood, that you can shape into Rudolph, to make extra festive. If you are worried about not having a steady enough hand to make the detail of the eyes, chocolate chips are a great alternative, and a little bit of jam would make the perfect nose!

Have a Cracking Lunch

Would you like to keep the theme with another festive shaped meal? Well, these chicken Christmas crackers are sure to go down with a bang. Simple and easy to make, they are customisable and healthy. Add your child's favourite vegetables if you would like to expand on broccoli and mushrooms, and be sure to swap chicken for tofu if you are vegetarian. These crackers can then be served with a refreshing side salad, to pack in those extra nutrients. 

A Festive Feast

The one that everyone has been waiting for, that parents salivate about from the second their fork scrapes the plate and they realise that they may have to wait another year for a delightful helping of stuffing and roast potatoes that fluffy. It is indeed, Christmas dinner. A turkey however, is not always a feature in the dream of children, so we recommend either simplifying their plate by removing any food that they may not like, or adding the ingredients into a tasty, toasted wrap instead. 

However, if you would really like to play it safe for this meal, we recommend serving up their favourite dish, whilst the adults tuck into all the helpings. This scrummy macaroni recipe is sure to become a staple in their diet and go down a huge success!

The Big Finale 

Who doesn't like dessert? We certainly have yet to meet a person that can not be won over by a cupcake. Not only are they easy to make, but decorating them is a great activity for both children and parents to enjoy. These polar bear themed cupcakes and Christmas tree cupcakes are especially cute and the perfect excuse to use edible glitter, as well as sprinkles. 

A Merry Little Snack

Looking for a fibre rich snack? This Christmas trail mix includes plenty of mouth-watering nibbles, from cheerios, dried fruit and nuts to yoghurt bites. The best thing about trail mixes are that they can be adapted to use whatever is left in the cupboard. Some walnuts that never made the nut roast? Some cranberries that are leftover from a cranberry sauce? Now is the time to use them! 


We hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas celebrating with family and friends. If you are looking for fun activities to enjoy over your winter break, our blog is the perfect place for inspiration!