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Staff changes to our Nursery Teachers at Canada Water

Nursery Teachers - Changes to the team

We've got some big changes coming in the following months here at our Rotherhithe nursery school and kindergarten. We have new nursery teachers starting, and some old faces leaving; we have some people moving on up and some new subcontractors helping others to do something new. There's a lot to unpack so if you want to jump between the sections, you can by clicking on the links above that will take you directly to the relevant sections....

Introducing some new nursery teachers...

As our Canada Water nursery school and kindergarten continues to grow, so does our need to recruit, train and onboard some wonderful new nursery teachers for the school. We'd like to introduce some of the latest cohort to join the wonderful childcare staff team that serves the Rotherhithe parenting community. Demi, Liana, Danrui and Ruoxuan have joined the team to support the teams in preschool and baby room, so please if you see new faces, please welcome them. The staff boards and website have been updated with their names, qualifications and biographies. 

Ruoxuan Wang

Ruoxuan is a Chinese teacher assistant who will be joining the baby room to replace Shuaidong as he moves up to his promotion in Westminster as Third in Charge. She carries a Masters degree in Management, and will be assuming his duties as our specialist Chinese teacher and phonics teacher for the school as a whole.

Danrui Zhao

Danrui has recently joined our team in Canada Water as a Chinese Teacher. She holds a Master’s in Education and is a qualified Chinese teacher. Danrui has expressed her passion for working with children, as she finds joy in witnessing their progress. She takes pleasure in creating culturally enriching activities and engaging with the children. In her leisure time, Danrui enjoys playing the piano and singing. Additionally, she holds an Enhanced DBS Check and a Level 3 Paediatric First Aid Certificate.

Demi Fayese

Demi is an Apprentice that recently joined our team in Canada Water. Demi is pursuing her certification in Level 3 Early Years Education. In her spare time, Demi likes to travel and spend quality time with her family and loved ones. Demi is certified in Level 3 Paediatric First Aid and has an enhanced DBS check.

Liana Antwi-Adjei

Liana is currently working towards her Level 3 Early Years Educator degree after joining our team in Canada Water as an apprentice. She is eager to learn new skills and apply them in practice. In her free time, Liana enjoys spending time with her loved ones and traveling. Liana holds a Level 3 Paediatric First Aid Certificate and has undergone an Enhanced DBS Check.

Saying a Fond Farewell

And as we welcome new faces, we sadly have to say goodbye to some old. 

Shuaidong - CW _ WMT-1Shuaidong, one of our most treasured baby room practitioners has been developing his skills as our primary Chinese language teacher across the nursery school as a whole and, as such, has seen his knowledge and expertise develop beyond his ambitions to be a lowly room teacher. And so as an opening emerged at our Westminster branch to become Third in Charge, he jumped at the challenge and will be moving across to Westminster in the weeks to come to assume his new leadership role to be replaced by Ruoxuan, our Chinese teacher assistant who will be working under Delphine in the baby room

Lingwen Huang - EditedBut Lingwen, our illustrious deputy manager, has decided to return to full time education from September to pursue a new path in a new sector. She has worked tirelessly this past year, working to strengthen the team to the point of seeing us secure our Ofsted Good rating only a matter of weeks into Kristina's tenure as Nursery Manager. Her new career in tourism management will see her work as a bridge between China and our school for our English language holiday clubs that we provide for Chinese families during summer holidays, so it's not quite goodbye. But she’ll be sorely missed and we will be throwing her a leaving party over the summer to pass on our thanks as a team and as a community. So watch this space - event details will be circulated shortly. 

Moving on Up...

RoliLingwen’s departure leaves an opportunity for promotion for one of the team and during such processes, we consult the staff team to see who their chosen leader is / would be. And the decision was unanimous - Roli will be stepping up over the course of the summer, shadowing Lingwen and being trained by Kristina up to and including the point when she becomes named manager in September or before, being replaced by Delphine as head of the Baby Room.

kristina-nursery-managerThat allows me to also step up to replace Cenn, who has been mentoring me these past months in operational controls of the business. It is our hope that I can and will focus on the day to day of the operations, allowing him to focus more on the strategy and growth in areas like the workplace nursery scheme, which offer our families the greatest positive change to childcare we can - cost, without reducing the quality!