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Nursery Practitioner Insights: Life at Hatching Dragons Westminster

No two days at our nursery are the same! From learning songs to finger-painting, to playing outside, our staff ensure that our children are engaged, having fun and most importantly, developing the skills necessary to grow into happy, well-rounded and capable individuals. Our staff come from a multitude of backgrounds and have varied interests, which all combine to create the diverse and dynamic environment that Hatching Dragons is known for. 

Today, we would like to introduce you to four members of our Westminster team and share with you what they like the most about working in the Early Years sector, what they have learnt from being a nursery practitioner, and what in their opinion makes Hatching Dragons stand out.

Meet the Hatching Dragons Westminster Family 


Why did you choose to work as a nursery practitioner in Early Years?

“I chose to work in early years as I love and adore younger children. I have experience in childcare from a very young age taking care of my little nieces and nephews. We always have great fun together! I enjoy teaching and settling up play activities for them whenever they come around.”

“My favourite thing about working with them is when they laugh you can’t help but smile and laugh with them. I love seeing things from their eyes. It makes me a happier and more positive person in my day-to-day life. Children also encourage me to use my imagination and find new creative ways to do things! It’s very rewarding.”

What do you think is the most important lesson for children at this age?

“One of the broad categories of learning is learning about yourself, learning who you are. The idea of who you are comes from your relationships, which begin at birth, some would say even before birth. Feeling a sense of belonging to your family of course is fundamental. That sense of belonging expands over time to other people and to groups that you’re a part of. Recognising and welcoming others and being welcomed contributes to a strong sense of identity.”

“All children need to see themselves as capable and competent, as active, powerful contributors to their own experience and that of others. The concept of children’s agency refers to the need for children to have choices, make decisions, and have some control over their daily lives, to understand that they make a positive difference.”


What is your favourite activity to do with your children?

“I would say those festival-related activities such as making sweet rice balls with them for the Chinese Lantern Festival, making lanterns and spring couplets and Ox face for Chinese New Year, etc. These are the moments that remind me of my childhood, my time with my family and most importantly, I can introduce my culture to the kids. Those are the things I’m confident with.”

What’s the best part of working with children of this age? 

“It’s a privilege to take part in a child’s development from a toddler to a bigger kid. Watching them learn how to make friends, becoming more independent to conduct life skills (eat, dress, ask for a favour, respond, walk on their own, etc.) is an enjoyable process. Witnessing a child’s first time grants me a great sense of achievement as well.”




What do you like most about working at Hatching Dragons?

“What I like the most happens to be what I am best at, which is the school philosophy of Hatching Dragons “help your baby fly through life” and this is a bilingual Nursery in English and Mandarin. I am a native of mandarin, so I can teach children the most authentic spoken Mandarin.”

In your opinion, what makes us different from other nurseries?

“Firstly, it is the first bilingual (Mandarin and English) kindergarten. Secondly, the teachers working at Hatching Dragons are very dedicated and excellent professionals. Hatching Dragons has a professional curriculum and school mission. These are where the soul is. I personally think that the soul is the most important, which is why I love working here.”


Why did you choose working as a nursery practitioner in Early years?

“Every day is a new, fresh day! The best part is I can be a role model to them, educating in a positive and effective way! I really love working with children. After doing my bachelor and masters degree in Early Years Education, I feel strongly I have the patience, communication skills, energy levels and the motivational techniques needed to help the children learn, thrive and develop during these very important years of their lives. I am sure I will make a big difference to the children I work with through my unique and supportive style of teaching and caring.”

What have you learnt whilst working at Hatching Dragons?

“I really love the bilingual immersion education environment in Hatching Dragons which will encourage children’s interest in learning Mandarin. I learnt about how to bring Chinese culture and Mandarin into this bilingual nursery in an effective way. Working with our colleagues from different countries broadened my horizons. It is a really good opportunity to learn about other countries’ cultures and traditions.”


We hope that you learnt a little more about us today, and what it is like to be a nursery practitioner. However, if you would like to learn even more, do not hesitate to get in touch! For information on our Westminster nursery, see below!