Looking for a fun activity for your child on the weekend?

Hatching Dragons Weekend Schools aim to teach children the Chinese language and culture in a fun format at our central London locations, allowing them to learn one of the most important languages in the world.

Key facts about our Weekend School

  • We prepare children for the Youth Chinese Test, recognised by the Chinese Ministry of Education.
  • We believe in the importance of values-based, thematic and experiential learning for our children.
  • Our weekend schools are open on Saturdaysfrom 9 am to 12 pm.
  • All our staff are safeguarding trained and food hygiene, health and safety certified.
  • We have three age groups, to tailor lessons to the needs and interests of our children.
  • We are close to some of the best entertainment locations in London, so parents can relax whilst children learn.

New term starting on Saturday the 4th of September

Our Age Groups

At Hatching Dragons, no weekend is the same! We ensure that our classes are diverse and varied, to keep them interesting and dynamic. Our priority is Chinese language and grammar, but we deliver lessons through a range of activities depending on the age group. Read on for more information.


In the Early Acquisition stage, we want our Green Dragons to:
1. Follow day to day social communication in Mandarin and participate in learning activities;
2. Start to use spoken Mandarin for social purposes;
3. Understand simple instructions and follow narratives with visual support;
4. Become familiar with some subject specific vocabulary;
5. Recognise some Chinese characters (120 Pictogram).


Our weekend school aims to support children’s learning process by following their abilities, development needs and interests and mixing them with planned and structured sessions.
To achieve YCT level 1, our Red Dragons children will be required to:
1. Master the most commonly used words and sentences;
2. Know how to use basic greetings, self-introductions, numbers and tell time;
3. Be able to ask and answer questions.
4. YCT 1 includes 80 vocabulary words that have to be mastered.



In our weekend school, children will obtain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and use new YCT2 words and simple grammar.

To achieve YCT level 2, Gold Dragons children will be required to:
1. Understand and use some simple Chinese phrases and sentences;
2. Cope with basic level communications;
3. Master 150 vocabulary words.

The Hatching Dragons Plus:
– Children will develop competent Oral Mandarin language level.
– They will start to read and understand simple pieces of content, and use written Mandarin.
– Children will get support to understand nuances in meaning and refine Mandarin usage.
– They will develop abstract vocabulary and be able to access complex curriculum material
and tasks with support.

Download our Weekend School fees

We offer a range of discounts for referrals, early birds or siblings that register together! See here for more information!

Where are we?

City of London
City of London
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Ferroners House, Ironmongers Hall, Off Aldersgate St, London, EC2Y 8AA

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4 Moreton St, Lillington and Longmoore Gardens, London SW1V 2QF

Canada Water
Canada Water
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Lavender Rd, Rotherhithe, London SE16 5DZ