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How to Get the Most from a Nursery Open Day as a Parent

Attending nursery school and kindergarten open days is an essential part of deciding whether a nursery is the one for you and your child. There are many important factors to consider but nothing is more important than getting a feel for the place and assessing if the “vibe” is exactly what you are looking for! You can meet the staff, see how they interact with children, hear more about their culture and values and assess the practicalities of how long it takes you to get there. As we all know that a commute is worth it when the nursery is right!

However, open days can be busy, and go by quicker than expected. It can also be difficult to remember everything that you wanted to ask nursery staff on the day. Therefore, we are sharing our advice on how to get the most from a nursery open day as a parent, so you can leave feeling satisfied and better informed.

1. Mind Map What Excites You

Every parent will have their own aspirations that they wish to see reflected in their child’s nursery. We recommend writing these out, so you can begin to assess what your priorities are. Is a focus on diversity, with a wide range of inclusive books and toys what matters to you most? Are you looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly nursery with plenty of green space for your child to enjoy? Perhaps a focus on healthy eating and nutrition is essential. Or maybe it has to be close to your place of work, so that you can spend more time with your child at the end of the day. Whatever you can think of, write it down, so you can be sure that the nursery meets your needs and wants.

2. Become Sherlock Holmes

Researching the nursery beforehand can save you a lot of time. With your goals in mind, explore the day nursery website, as well as parent reviews on Daynurseries and Google Reviews. This will help you to both answer some questions you may have, and create new ones that you can be sure to ask nursery staff on the day!

3. Get in Touch

Nursery open days should be stress free and fun for everyone, so do not hesitate to contact the nursery if you are in need of accommodations beforehand. Let them know if you have an allergy, so any tasty snacks will be safe for you to try, or inform them of any disabilities that you may have, so that provisions can be made. Phoning in advance can ease any anxiety you may have and ensure that you have a pleasurable experience.

4. Bring a Second Opinion

If you can, bring backup. A good nursery open day will have plenty of fun activities for your little one to enjoy, such assensory trays or messy play areas. So having an extra pair of hands at the ready to assist you, can ensure that you are able to simultaneously throw yourself into the fun, and have a thorough look around. Having a friend or family member will allow you to ask all the questions you may have, get a good picture for how happy your child is in the environment and if they are settling in well. It can also be useful to verify your thoughts with someone you trust.

5. Stay for as Long as You Can

Soak up the atmosphere, and enjoy meeting the staff and other parents who are attending the open day. The longer you stay, the more of an insight you will get into how the nursery is run. You may even learn something new! And if you decide that the nursery is not for you, you still had a fun day out, and a new experience!


If you still have questions after attending the open day, we recommend booking a tour, so you can further assess whether the nursery is right for you. To book a tour at Hatching Dragons, see here: