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Hatching Dragons Educational Ethos

Hatching Dragons Educational Ethos

We believe that we can do so much more to help children prepare for the future. Climate change, political instability, the rise of Robotics and AI and its impact on future employment all pose challenges that are unprecedented in human history. 

And as the world has grown closer - and become the richer for it - we’ve become more polarised. The divisions between countries are now felt within countries. 

If we are to turn these challenges into opportunities, we must all learn to work together at a level we’ve not achieved before. We need a level of creative, collaborative and cognitive capital that our educational system simply fails to deliver.

We need to think long term, act now and change how we educate to focus on the capacities policy makers universally agree we need to create the workforce of tomorrow.

We know we can. We just need to educate differently and start earlier.

We need to start Hatching Dragons....

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Starting Early

We believe that if we want to create the kind of change we need, we have to start early – in kindergarten and pre-K age groups 

90% of brain development in children occurs in the first 5 years of life - it is defined as the “Critical Period” in our learning and when we stand an optimal chance of learning skills, language, knowledge and values

If it’s done well, it can have such remarkable impact on a child’s future and on society as a whole, significantly aiding future academic performance and social interaction.

But so often it’s not. 200 million children are estimated to not reach their full potential due to a lack of investment in early years education, losing 20% of adult productivity

We believe that high quality early years education should be a given. But we want to use it as a vehicle to achieve much, much more…

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Educate Differently

How do we engineer creativity, compassion and confidence? How do we change the way we think about the world? The answer, for us, lies in language and culture. Bilingual and bicultural immersion, specifically.  Research proves that it enhances cognitive development in all of the areas that the experts now say we need if we are to evolve through the age of Robotics & A.I. It strengthens:

Creativity and fluency of ideas

•Cultural compassion and empathy

•Confidence in communication

•Compatibility and adaptability

Critical Thinking & Analytical Reasoning

•Concentration & Attentiveness

Capability & Agency

It presents the opportunity for children to develop the foundations for all the social and cognitive skills we need to face up to this future and meet it head on and, if we’re intelligent, fluency in a language that matters for the future. And for us, we've chosen Chinese and English to start…