Quality Assurance - School Development Plan

In this article, we're going to review what a School Development Plan is, where to find it, how to update it and how you can share it with your central management team to prove your compliance that you're working towards outstanding in your setting

Our leadership and management policies and procedures require nursery managers to undertake a termly school development plan. That is a snapshot of all of their strategic goals that are mapped against the Early Years inspectors handbook framework of specific areas the OFSTED inspectors will audit and evaluate during their inspection.

Key Points:

  • The SDP can be found in the Management Information Pack spreadsheet in each school's team drive under leadership and management
  • At the beginning of each term, managers should refresh their knowledge of the EY Inspectors Handbook areas for evaluation and criteria for outstanding and map our their SMART objectives for each area for the coming term
  • Once completed, managers need to download the SDP as a pdf and archive in their School Development Plan folder on the school's team drive>Leadership & Management>School Development Plan in a chronological format
  • It must be shared with the central team and printed out for each of the room leaders for them to stick on their boards and / or have for their own room meetings and / or in their own room folders as a guide for their own activities / progression and targets
  • Managers need to use it as the basis for their staff team meeting at the beginning of each term to lay out the targets for each room and what the school is intending to achieve as a whole
  • Managers need to then take the SMART Objectives and list them as their goals in BambooHR>Performance>Goals, sharing the goal with their room leaders to ensure that they are working towards the same goal as the school / leadership
  • Managers need to update and work towards these goals throughout the course of the term, using BambooHR Goals to record room leaders' progression towards those goals
  • Managers should consider using Bamboo HR Goal status report to track progression towards their goals at the end of each month
  • Manager should update the SDP in the Management Information Pack at the end of each month, using Room Evaluations, individual observations and assessments, training progression, supervisions and performance assessments of the staff and developmental progress achieved by the children to prove progress towards completion
  • At the end of each term, the SDP will be reviewed by the Central Team during the managers formal supervision
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